Best Bass Fishing Rods In Review

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Most keen fisherman will strive for any advantage they can get in order to be a top angler. Along with trout, bass fishing is among the most popular worldwide, especially in Europe. They have plenty of specifically designed fishing lakes populated solely with bass. The weight and variance in size of these fish make it’s easy to judge competitively and also they present a differing variety of challenge. We have upcoming articles on fishing, as First Rate Sports looks to expand on our hunting season articles. We will help with how to select the best rod for you, and much more. Today though we focus completely on the best bass fishing rod.

We have trawled the internet to find a variety of bass fishing rods, and the ones that seem most popular to give you and honest an impartial guide on which bass rod will be best for you. These are the ones we found to be the top performers, and gave you the best value possible, and also help you improve your angling.

St Croix Legend Extreme Inshore Casting Rod

St Croix is a massive name in the angling community and one that guarantees trust and quality. That is the very least I would expect if parting with my hard earned money to acquire a St Croix rod. The legend Extreme inshore gives you so much more, raising its game to become one of the best bass fishing rods.

The look of this rod with its ice like all white colour scheme is fantastic, but it’s as practical as it is pretty. It is packed with new tech in order to really take your bass fishing up a notch. They also have fantastic versatility with several different models offering you a variety of options. The medium light(ML) Medium (M) and medium heavy (MH), are all 7 foot in length and are one piece rods. They all share the same fast taper as well. Here you can see what each of the rods are designed for, and what lures and lines suit them.

ML- Line 6-12lb Lure 1/8-1/2 oz
M – Line 8-17lb Lure 3/8-3/4 oz
MH -Line 10-20lb Lure 1/2- 1 ¼ oz

They all come with one of the nest handles we tested on any of the bass fishing rods. The extreme skin really helps keep the grip free of any dirt or grime that will naturally always occur during your angling expedition. The guide frame as well was a huge plus point for us. Its design is based around having a wide set leg structure, that can prevent your lines from tangling and offers superb stability. It is also packed with the usual treasure trove of tech like its taper enhancement technology. Yet it is the simple things that are really polished that edge it ahead of those other rods.

It’s a high modulus rod, made from graphite, jumping away from those carbon rods you may be used to. This gives it an amazing toughness, without making it bulky, heavy and cumbersome. All of which can make casting difficult, yet are eliminated by the Extreme Inshore. All in all this rod delivers all the modern improvements and top class components you would expect,yet makes practical and simple changes combined with quality materials and durability to give you great value. A great bass rod. 8.5/10

Phenix M1 Series

Next up the good people at Phenix offer us a great addition to out list on the form of their M1 series casting rods. A wide range of options for any angler is the great thing about the m1 series with a huge variety of lengths and actions available depending on the angler in question.

Tasteful and simplistic in its aesthetics, the handle and grip from the Phenix M1 is very nice. The nicely sculpted EVA is very well fitted to your hand and extremely comfortable. It is especially notable on cold and wet days when this becomes a handy bonus to add to your overall comfort. It does not repel dirt and grime in the same way the offering from St Croix does, yet it by no means absorbs it or makes the quality of your grip diminish over time.

The power and punch delivered by this rod is what makes it so extremely impressive. When launching baits into the lake we could really feel the strength this rod had. The torque was plentiful and you knew that you could really bend the back on this and it would not let you down. Letting you hit some great areas with a really well balanced cast. Some rods with similar power can become unbalanced and make handling them hard during casting, but this rod kits the whole package together quite beautifully.

Once we started to get a few fish on the road we were testing we just became more and more impressed. In the heat of battle, these boys stand up fantastically, even if picking one of the lighter weight rods. There was no damage to the rod tip at all. We really did put it through the ringer and it could more than stand up to the beating.

To summarise, the Phenix M1 series brings a bass rod that tries to be as complete as possible, for the money it costs. It matches other rods in this price range for sensitivity but does little to expand on it. Yet its amazing strength and backbone is something to be marvelled when buying a rod of this value. We could not find any that can match up to it for this, and as a result, give it 9/10.

Falcon MMC Micro Casting Rod

We finish off with the Falcon rod designed by McClelland, a real heavyweight rod, that is all power and punch. It comes with a good versatility in sizes, but all of them are from the medium heavy range and upwards. These rods should handle 15-30 pound lines and 3/8- 1 ¼ oz lures.

Being micro it has micro guides and a real seat that is exposed to offer better and more increased sensitivity. Being designed by a pro, to pro level standards also means the materials used are the very best. The high modulus blanks use aerospace grade carbon for manufacturing, and the new resin system combine together to provide blanks that are deceptively light, amazingly strong and among the most responsive we tested. It was very hard to match the responsive sensitive nature and strength in this rod.

It also makes use of the very best in micro guide tech, to really help you make the most of the strength and sensitivity delivered in the other areas. Casting length from this rod can not be matched, even surpassing the fantastic efforts of the Phenix M1. The flexibility of the Falcon is also surprising given the heavyweight strong nature of this rod. The torque you get is unreal in truth, and you need a decent skill level to handle it. It is a highly tuned, amazingly balanced piece of angling kit, but it is aimed at a decent angler who knows what they are doing. The price reflects that, as it is more expensive than the others, but you really do get what you pay for.

Finally, the handle is cork, and fits snugly enough, and provides ample grip to handle the power and punch from the Falcon. It does not give you the dirt and moisture repellent that you get from the St Croix, but being such a professional level rod, you can be assured the material is of high grade, and will wear very well over time. This is the best bass fishing rod we reviewed, and given the high level of it, we would expect it to be, and as a result, it gets 9.5/10

This list gives you a nice balance of rods from different price ranges, different strengths and something that will offer a bass rod suitable for all your needs and price ranges. Stay updated with First Rate Sports for more in our fishing and hunting series, and contact us if you find any rods you need reviewing or would like to see us take a look at.

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