The Best Racquetball Gloves In Review

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Racquetball is an intense, physical and fast paced sport that really gets the heart racing. There are fewer forms of more intense one on one competition, and because of this, you need equipment that delivers any small edge you can get. Racquetball gloves are a minefield of options in terms of materials, grips and what they actually provide overall to your game.

Now it is not crucial or key to wear a glove during play, but boy we recommend it. Different people will need different things from their gloves, and have assembled a list of the very best Racquetball gloves available to the people who need them most, our loyal readers! The things required from the list of good Racquetball gloves on Amazon or other retailers is nearly always a decent grip, after all, this is the key reason for wearing them. After that, it all becomes personal choice in terms of the need for breathability and extra padding for diving. Now in terms of sizing and fit you want a glove that fits snugly all over your hand and does not bunch up or snag anywhere. This can compromise your grip. Also, a glove will stretch a little over time, so if you are stuck in between two size choice, then always go on the smaller side. With all that in mind, let’s get going with our list of the best Racquetball gloves.

Head Web

The People at Head can claim to behind one of the biggest brands when it comes to any racket sport, so straight away it demands your attention. The Head Web Racquetball gloves set’s out on its quest to be one of the best by delivering a supreme level of grip. The specially designed silicon web pattern palm sounds fancy, but it justifies its lengthy name. We struggled to find a glove that could match it for grip and that is key to the most impressive Racquetball glove.

Next up the comfortable lining provided a lovely feeling during play, and the microfibre coolmesh backing, mixed with cooltech spandex, gives us a fantastic fit, as well as top class breathability. If your hand sweats a lot during play then you need a breathable glove, and this is the best for that. It does have some good knuckle padding, but it is not the most protected of gloves all over the back of the hand. So frequent divers may need something more heavy duty.

However, players who demand lightweight gloves, that make the most of your subtle skills, without compromising grip can do no better that the Head Web Racquetball glove. The best glove available for players who need a glove for sweaty hands.

Head Airflow Tour

Once again we visit the Head brand for our next look at the best Racquetball gloves, this time looking at the Airflow Tour. A slightly more heavy duty glove designed more for protection, Head try and combat sweaty hands with airflow technology. The leather palm has small perforations in it to aid breathability to the most important are of your hand when it comes to grip. It also absorbs the sweat nicely and really doesn’t compromise your grip. The leather palm also gives you yet more fantastic grip on your handle. Not as good as the Web glove, but very close.

The backing is made of a nylon mesh, again to help the glove breathe. It’s not as free as the web glove, but surprisingly airy for such a well protected glove, and that is where we really start to talk about a top glass Racquetball glove. The mixture of the mesh and airprene construction really is hard to beat in terms of protection, while remaining breathable. This material also absorbs sweat very nicely, but can become slightly saturated over long games. You have to play for a very long time to get to that stage though. Diving, banging against walls and accidental bumps from other players and balls need not worry you with this glove.

This is honestly one of the most perfectly balanced Racquetball gloves we had the pleasure of reviewing, and if you want the best of all worlds, then this is the one for you. It’s not the lightest gloves, but it certainly is extremely durable and well made.

Ektelon Maxtack Premium Glove

Finally, for the last glove on our list, we change manufacturers to the ever popular Ektelon team, and their best selling tackified glove of all time. A tackified glove has a stick feeling palm, that creates an unparalleled level of grip, with the tradeoff of additional weight. This glove is heavy duty, but it gives the highest level of grip and protection we found during testing.

The kangaroo leather embossed palm creates this tackified feeling, and also gives great padding around the front of the hand  while maintaining a realistic feel on the handle or your racquet. The combination of stretch Lycra and neoprene means you get an amazing fit and a glove that can really mould to your hand without it feeling thin. The neoprene then adds its thick, sturdy protection for diving, and any raps to the knuckles you might receive. It gives the best protection of all Racquetball gloves on this list, but it is not the most breathable.

The neoprene will absorb your sweat very well, and it surprisingly breathable, but this glove sis all about bulk, and superior world class padding and protection. You trade of the breathability and feel given by a lighter glove for this. If you are a player who loves to throw himself around on the court then you need to look no further than this glove.

There you have our list of the best Racquetball gloves on the market today. All are top sellers on, and are available in a huge range of sizes. We have offered up the very best glove for each type of scenario, be it a glove that is light and offers maximum breathability, a mid range glove that covers all bases, but does not excel at them all, or a heavy weight durable glove, that can take a battering. Any of these gloves will provide you with the top class equipment you need to be at your very best in the game, just make sure you match the needs of your style of play, to the glove you choose.

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