The Best Racquetball Shoes For Beginners and Pros Alike

racquetballWhen starting out in the world of Racquetball, a lot of people settle for standard sneakers tennis shoes and while this may be fine for beginners, it is not recommended especially if you want to become a better player at some point. Choosing the correct footwear is important because it will help you progress within the game, gripping the court, staying comfortable and ensuring you are flexible and agile.

Racquetball is one of those brilliant sports that such a wide variety of people take part in. A lot of people just play for a hobby and don’t have the benefit of having recovery time or being pro athletes. What this means is that it is important for the best shoes for racquetball to give a lot of support and ensure that niggling injuries don’t become a part of your hobby.

With so many brands in the market, we have created is a comprehensive guide to the best racquetball shoes. These are based on a lot of different factors including how sturdy and hard-wearing they are, how comfortable they are and how they can enhance your performance.

ASICS Gel Blast 6 Indoor Court Shoes

ASICS Gel Blast 6 racquetball shoes are designed for comfort. The gel cushioning system incorporates a shock absorption technology that allows for more stability and also helps to protect the joints and ankles. Its forefoot shock absorption system is essential in providing full freedom of movement when you are in the flow of a game. The latest version of the Gel Blast Series, ASICS Gel 6 has seen the implementation of Flexion Fit Construction that optimizes comfort and fitness. The wet-grip outsole helps to enhance grip while playing on the court while the synthetic free magic sole construction will provide you with a sweat-free experience, great for odours and comfort too. For perfect traction during game movements, the rubber design on the outsole is great for slippery surfaces and gives a huge amount of grip and stability. it provides easier manoeuvrability to ensure that you’re able to make the shots.

Ektelon NFS Classic II

Ektelon’s NFS Classic II racquetball shoes have been made with the specific needs of the player in mind. Not only do they look great, they are perfect for shoes for anyone and have allowances for both narrow or wide feet. The moldable inner cushioning means whatever type and shape of foot you have, the Ektelon will shape to your needs. The upper section is made with synthetic mesh overlays for breathability with the extra toe cap enhancing the shoes durability & resists abrasion. The midsole is molded with lightweight EVA-cushioning and anatomical EVA-sockliner for extra comfort. With a natural rubber sole, they will give you maximum traction on the indoor court surface we are all familiar with. This is important because it allows you to move naturally or change directions swiftly. The padded tongue and heel-collar make them a pleasure to wear and play in.

Ektelon’s Classic low NFS is designed using a soft Eva-Material sockliner for comfort. They also have anatomical sockliner that can be easily removed for orthotic purposes. As a racquetball enthusiast, you are guaranteed no break-in period due to the fact that the overall construction of the shoes is designed with the athlete in mind. They are light, spacious and even roomier for people with big feet. Even if you have supinated or pronated feet, your feet will feel comfort in these pair of shoes.

These shoes are specifically designed for playing racquetball and don’t really require a break-in period with reviews saying that most people have put the shoes on and started playing straight away with comfort.

Head Men’s Sprint Pro Indoor Shoe

HEAD is a brand that makes a huge amount of indoor shoes for sports, and although the Sprint Pro Indoor is suitable for a wide range of indoor sports and activities, it works brilliantly for racquetball. A quick look at the reviews will show you that a huge amount of people are using the shoe for this purpose. Head’s shoes are quiet scientifically produced.

This boasts something called Micro-Fit which means it molds to your foot as you wear it, designed to be tight but comfortable and allow for good fit around the shoe but also a lot of stability

A polyurethane heel has a staiblizing effect to make you feel good around the court. The shoe also has a mesh tongue which keeps you cool and stops things from getting ‘swampy’ down there.


Choosing the best racquetball shoes is a crucial step in your journey within the game and it is, therefore, worth the time and money to consider and invest in the right shoes, especially if you are serious about playing the sport. After all, one of the key aspects required to succeed in any game is having the right equipment and in this case, it is the best racquetball shoes.

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