Chin Ups and Pull Ups-The Best Doorway Chin Up Bars

Home fitness is at an all time high in terms of products available to those wishing to stay fit in their own home. Most gyms have set hours, and fitness fanatics want the flexibility of being able to work out when it is convenient to them. It also saves money on heavy gym membership fees and allows you to tailor your own workout, with the equipment best suited to your needs.

Multi gyms and all sorts of versatile products are on the market, but one of the most simple, and most rewarding has got to be the doorway chin up bar. Yet this raises the question what is the best doorway chin up bar, and what do you need from it.

Surely I just need a bit of metal to fit in my door frame? What else could I need?

Well as you probably know, First Rate sports are big on build quality and getting value for money. Doorway chin up bars can be used for so much more than simply upper body workouts. There are those on the market that can train all sorts of muscle groups, and they also need to be easy to store and set up. Depending on the width of grip you take, and the exercise you do, you can train your abs, arms, back and so much more. It really can offer up the full upper body workout, in one easy to use cheap piece of gym equipment.

So What Is The Best Doorway Chin Up Bar?

First Rate Sports has taken into account all you need to provide you with a list of the best doorway chin up bars, and extensively tested them. Below we provide you with a full list of the kit you should be looking to purchase if you want to increase your home gym experience.

Sunny Health And Fitness Doorway Chin Up Bar

This is your basic, simple to use doorway chin up bar. Sunny do not create a completely versatile piece of kit, nor is it the most secure. Yet as long as you make sure you adjust it to the right size, and fix it in place, you will be fine. It really does just focus on your standard width grips, so you can achieve the basic chin ups and pull ups. A good set of gym gloves though will make the stationary grips obsolete, and allow you to vary your grip width to your hearts content, so that should not really be a factor.

It does not damage your doorway in the slightest, and is extremely quick to out up and take down. It is really well made, and the metal is very tough, so you feel safe when applying your full weight to it. The biggest bonus of the Sunny Health Bar, is how light it is when carrying it around. If you are out and about travelling a lot, and want to keep on top of your fitness, this is perfect. It easily fits in a bag and does not weigh you down. It may not be the most versatile, or give the fullest workout, but it is the best portable doorway chin up bar.

Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

Next we move from a bar that does not have the best versatility, to one that has possibly the most. It is the top rated doorway chin up bar on with a staggering 4 ½ stars out of 369 reviews. The Stamina Doorway Plus really does have it all.

It locks into your door frame incredibly securely and leaves no damage at all. The thing we could not believe is how easy it is to take it down and out it back up again, during your workout. Why would you want to do that you ask? Well because this bar can be used on the floor to offer various different push up positions as well. Combine that with the various grip positions for triceps dips, and varying width pull ups and chin ups, you can create an entire workout, just from this one piece of kit.

The value on offer here, with the quality of equipment and variety of exercises is really hard to match. It is also lightweight, and easy to store away, It may not be as compact as the Sunny bar, but it take sup hardly any room in comparison for what you are getting. A top notch piece of gym kit, and one of First Rate Sports highest recommendations.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout bar

A total upper body workout is a huge claim, but if there is one bar that can top the stamina Doorway plus, its from the people at Iron Gym. A highly respected name in home gym equipment, they come to the party in a big way, and deliver what we believe overall, to be the best doorway chin up bar.

It locks in place very easily, and supremely securely,using the leverage against the door to prevent any marks or crack in your door frame. The varying spaces of grips along it means you can do workouts of all widths, giving you options that can not be matched if you want to work different muscle groups, while still using a basic chin up or pull up.

Take it down and move it onto ground level, and you have a gym that can work your abs by helping with crunches, and your arms and chest with varying width push ups, and even triceps dips. If you need wide, narrow or neutral grips, arms, abs or chest and back, this total gym can not be beaten. A simple, hard wearing piece of gym equipment that will never let you down, The Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar, gets top marks.

Prosource Heavy Duty Doorway Chin Up Bar

The final name on the list offers something a bit different. The size of this bar and the weight means you will not want to be travelling with it, but it offers lots to compensate.

Firstly no bar is better made than this, it is made of high quality steel, that will not buckle, and can be used with extreme confidence. It fits in most doorways that measure between 24-32 inches and will take a heavy workout just like that. Yet what if you want a bit more. The Prosource can be wall mounted using screws, so if you want to set it up in your gym room, to take heavier weights this is the perfect option. If you like to weight yourself down with dumbbells, or plates during your workouts, you can not beat this bar.

The grips are large and spaced out, but you have complete flexibility in terms of how your position yourself and what type of grip you take. It also offers the best room for switching between pull ups and chin ups. It may not have the versatile properties of our previous two bars, but if you want a bar purely for chin ups and pull ups, that can take heavy weights, you can not beat it.

These four bars are the very best on the market at what they do. Each one will cater for a different type of customer, that may need different things from a door way pull up bar. Trust in our reviews and weight up which bar sounds like it suits your needs best. It is then easy to purchase through, for supreme discounts, and the chance to read real world reviews from many satisfied customers. Until next time, enjoy your workouts, and stay fixed to First Rate Sports for loads more reviews on home gym equipment.

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