Finding the Best Urethane Bowling Balls

bowling-1616491_640As a bowler, the bowling ball I use is my most important piece of equipment, and that goes for everyone who takes to the lanes. They affect you, the lane, the oil pattern, and—obviously—the pins. Perhaps you’ve just got to the stage where you want your own ball and not to use an alley ball, and a Urethane ball could be the best way to take that step forwards.

Today, bowling balls just aren’t as simple as picking one up off the shelf. There are many different types of bowling balls on the market now, and that’s a good thing because you now have a great variety of materials and weights to choose from, which can improve your bowling ten-fold if you make the correct choices for your ability levels.

What is a Urethane Bowling Ball?

Put simply, a urethane bowling ball is a bowling ball made out of urethane. It’s a very popular choice for beginner and intermediate bowlers today and originally hit the lanes in the 1970s, growing in popularity over time. Urethane bowling balls create more friction with the lane, giving you a bigger chance of a hook than the other option a lot of beginners go for, plastic balls.

Unlike reactive-resin bowling balls that give more power on the backend, urethane bowling balls tend to take a more gradual path as they make their way towards the pins. Urethane bowling balls are more controllable and predictable than reactive resin and their grip on the lanes tends to be better.

What are the best Urethane Bowling Balls?

As you would expect, there are lots of options out there, all ranging in price and value for money. Here are three great choices you have when it comes to a urethane bowling ball.

Hammer Black Hammer Urethane

This Hammer ball is something of a variant on the popular light bulb core, creating the LED core design. It’s covered with a Urethane cover stock and finished with a 500 grit Abralon pad. Altogether, this makes for great control of the bowling ball in the bowler’s hand. A popular model with beginners, this makes most every list of ‘best urethane balls’. This comes in one finish: Black Reaction with a smooth arc cover stock. Overall, the ball also has a very sleek look with white engraved lettering to finish it off.

On Amazon, this is not one of the cheaper balls, but the very good quality of the ball means the value for money is definitely there. It is available in sizes 14, 15, and 16.

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

Brunswick is a bowling brand loads of us have come across, and they offer a good range of balls, which tend to be well made. This Urethane bowling ball has an R-16 cover stock and is reactive with a slight hook. The core is light bulb and the finish is 500 Siaair/Royal Compound/Royal Shine. It’s recommended for any lane conditions with RG Max 2.554 and RG Min 2.524 with a 0.030 differential and a hook potential of 95 on a scale of 10 to 250.

This bowling ball is available in five finishes so you get your choice of looks, and can be purchased in sizes 10 to 16. It is one of the mid-range prices for urethane balls we’ve come across.

Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

Storm are another brand who have delved into the world of Urethane. The cover stock on their popular ‘Mix’ bowling ball is U1S Pearl Urethane on this ball. The core is a traditional 3-piece construction with a 3500-grit polished finish. The reaction of this ball is low and it is recommended for light lane conditions.

Made in Taiwan, this bowling ball is available in three finishes: Pink/White, Black/White, and Purple/Yellow. This ball is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a urethane bowling ball. You can purchase in loads of sizes and finishes but perhaps the most exciting thing about this for people is the price. The price will vary based on size and finish and of course where you buy it, but this is definitely one of the better value for money and cheapest urethane balls.


With any type of bowling ball, there’s a lot of personal preference involved. Reviews on Amazon and other online retailers will give you a very good idea of which Urethane ball is going to be the one for you, and the weights and sizes are easy to keep a track of if you’ve bowled before. Urethane balls are so popular for a reason, and are a very good option if you’re starting to take your bowling seriously.

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