Finding the Best Bowling Balls for Women

bowling ball womenWe discussed the basics of what you need to look for when purchasing a bowling ball when we published our Best Bowling balls article. However, is this still the same if you are a female bowler looking to take to the lanes? Slight tweaks need to be made, and the basics of making the right selection need to be reinforced.

The main similarities between men and women are that they will be looking for very similar things when purchasing their ball. This being value for money, aesthetic appeal the best performance and the correct weight.

Bowling balls for beginners are often easily crossed over to great bowling balls for women to use long term, depending on what level you are looking for. Bowling is not a sport that discriminates and you can get a wide range of bowling balls for women in varying coverstocks. These being a plastic coverstock, the very best high performance coverstocks and the middle of the road poly-urethane coverstock. Obviously the price will increase as the quality does, so be careful to select the right ball for your level of ability and experience. You can always increase the quality over time.

The ball weight will be another thing that varies greatly as it does with any other bowler and you will be able to select between 6-16 lbs. If you are looking to get the best bowling ball for a woman, then the weight will be very important. We would suggest an average weight for female bowlers is around 14lbs. Some custom balls can offer a different option, but this is for the more advanced and experienced female bowler, looking to get fine tune her bowling ball. We will now look at some of the specific products, we thought were the best bowling balls for women on the market today.

Ebonite Maxim Black/Purple/Gold

The first ball we would suggest is definitely one that we would suggest for the lady just trying her hand at bowling as more than a casual occasional pass time with the kids. Somebody who is fed up of using the lane balls, and is ready to start learning a bit more about the sport, and developing her technique. The Ebonite maxim is the ball we would suggest for this very purpose.

To start with, the color scheme that can be found in the link above, is very slick and perfect for any lady looking to dominate the lanes. Cool, crisp yet still with a feminine look and feel, The black purple and gold will certainly make you stand out, without looking garish and over the top.

It comes in a wide range of weights and you can easily select the one that’s perfect for you from the drop down menu on Amazon. The 14lb weight we suggest for women is an option, and at the current price, its a great value option, that will not break the bank.

The coverstock is your basic plastic and the core is 3 piece. Solid if unspectacular specs. Yet the reviews on Amazon are very complimentary, and it is described by many as the perfect recreational or entry level ball. A great starting point.

Columbia 300 Freeze Hybrid

The next ball we suggest comes from the well respected manufacturers at Columbia 300, the freeze hybrid. This is designed for a more advanced bowler, and once again is available in the recommended 14 pound weight that is so desirable for the female player. It is an upgrade on the previous freeze models, but also looks to incorporate some of the hugely successful specifications and parts for other Columbia 300 balls.

For example the core is Columbia 300 most successful ever, this being their modified messenger core, and for the price you pay, it will constantly out perform any expectations you would have buying a ball of this price. Many reviewers back this up with an average review on Amazon of 4 ½ stars.

They claim it is a fantastic option for a league bowler, and this is why we suggest it is great for the female player looking to step up from novice and take the game more seriously. It is very responsive and is great fro somebody looking to introduce more hook into their game. Plus the core and coverstock make it very strong through the back end and able to give great length.

The one thing we would also say is do not mistake this ball purely for one that performs on dry lanes, as it is more than capable of handling oiled lanes as well. The price here really does not the reflect the quality given, and Columbia 300 can be proud of  fantastic ball.

Hello Kitty Glow Viz-A-Ball

Another beginner ball, that is a little high in price, but fantastically unique, is this Hello Kitty Ball. Many manufacturers will do balls with fantastic graphics, and this one is perfect for any lady who is obsessed with Hello kitty.

This is one of the best value viz-a-balls we found, and pother reviewers back up the unique visual look these balls offer. We suggest looking at other manufacturers viz-a-ball options as there is many to pick from, but almost all of them will be your basic entry level ball, but will really help you stand out and give your ball a personal feel.

DV8 Diva

What better ball to finish with than one called “The Diva”. DV8 give you a wicked colour scheme and a ball that performs at a supremely high level. We really suggest this for the lady looking to look deadly on the lanes, while also requiring a slightly lighter ball weight.

Perfect for medium to oily lanes, the higher echelons of league bowling are not out of reach with the DV8 Diva, making it one of the best bowling balls for women.

It is a more expensive option if you look at the lighter weight, but its well worth it, and is extremely favourably reviewed by other users in many bowling publications. They praise its high control, and impact on the pins even when using a very light wait. One reviewer said his wife uses only a 10 pound ball, and still “slays the pins when she hits the pocket”.


All of the balls we state above are great options for the beginner female bowler, all the way up to league players looking to get something extra in their bag. There are many more fantastic balls on the net, and we suggest looking through the great selection and offers that give you. They are tough to beat on price, and you can pick up serious quality, for a fraction of the high street price.

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