Going Long- The Best Golf Drivers For Distance

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/wkulicki/
image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/wkulicki/

Golf drivers. Perhaps the most innovative and evolving piece of sporting equipment in the world today. Every year new efforts from all the big names in the sport promise to deliver more distance, greater accuracy, more forgiveness and even adaptability. So many drivers can now be adjusted on course to help improve the draw or the fade, and all the time claiming to be the longest on tour. Usually, with all this advertising and boasting comes a hefty price tag, so you need to know that your new driver is going to do the business.

Almost everyone still requires the same thing from their driver and that is a longer distance. You could release two drivers one called the most accurate, and one called the longest, and the one called longest would sell more every time. Well at First Rate Sports we deliver what our readers desire, and so we give you a comprehensive list of the best golf drivers for distance.

Callaway XR16

Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver (Sports)

List Price: $649.99
New From: $196.41 – $649.99
Used from: Out of Stock

New for 2016 Callaway offers up their most innovative driver to date. If you’ve got the great team from Aeroplane giants Boeing helping make your driver better, you know no stone has been left unturned in pursuit of the best golf driver. They claim to have a more aerodynamic club that increases your club head speed. They have radically changed the club face, and giving it a lower and deeper centre of gravity to make it extremely forgiving, and by reducing the weight of the entire thing, speed is once again coming to the forefront. Finally, a much harder face means that ball speed is multiplied, and that means much longer drives. Can they back up these bold claims.

Well we can not argue that this driver is an improvement on last years offering. Less drag and a better shape mean that it really does offer incredible club head speed. We tested it on some big power hitter, with unreal swing speed, and they were ripping the ball off the tee. The forgiveness aspect was also immediately felt, as there was much more room for error of the tea. The lower centre of gravity really helps, meaning they can have a larger face, without adding weight. In fact, the whole thing is extremely lightweight. This can give you a slight tendency to overbalance, so be sure to keep using your natural technique when driving with this. The lightweight nature and improved aerodynamics will naturally help you pick up ball speed upon impact, and have you swinging faster. Do not get sucked into over hitting just because of the weight.

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/sportsdadof3/
image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/sportsdadof3/

Fantastic innovations that have been specifically tailored for distance and ball speed. A really refreshing driver in a world that has slowly been taken over by adjustable drivers, it was great to see Callaway keeping it simple, and doing what they do best. If you purchase now on Amazon you can choose from three different types of loft and flex, catering for all golfers tastes and abilities.

Callaway Great Big Bertha

Talking of what Callaway do best, their top selling Bertha series of drivers has a new family member. The Great Big Bertha. A driver that takes modern adjust-ability and the hunger for more length of the tee.

If you need a driver that is full of forgiveness then this is the one for you. The numerous option to adjust shot shape and also club loft can really help those people who are not the most accurate of drivers, but swing the club hard and want an explosive feeling off the face. We tested it on two plays who tend to hit the ball to the right, and adjusted the settings to add an extra draw bias. This not only helped seek out extra distance but was also more forgiving or them off the tee, helping them straighten out.

Its lightweight feel when you pick it up is superb, and it goes without saying that it is a supremely good looking piece of kit. Loads of marketing are just one of the reason it is in so many golfers bags. The sweet spot is tremendous and you really feel like you are striking the ball seriously hard. You can get great loft from it, and hit some incredibly high arcs, powering through the air for huge distance off the tee. It outstrips the XR16 for length and is simply put one of the best drivers for distance available to you. A high recommendation for anybody looking to purchase a driver truly full of power. Amazon also once again come to the fore with a huge selection of shaft stiffness, material and also options for both right and left handers.

Nike Vapor Fly

The team behind Rory McIlroy clubs, Nike, have come to the long drive party in a big way with this new addition for 2016. This baby was built to reduce spin and deliver towering ball flight, so you can cut through the air and go long of the tee. Well, that is exactly what you get. The adjustable sole weight is added as yet more evidence of a driver trying to fight against the ball spin, and any wasted motion, and make it all about impact and length.

They have redesigned the crown completely to reduce the weight by 30%. This lowers the centre of gravity and gives you an impact which will induce far less spin in the ball. All of this makes for a more forgiving shot and is possibly the most forgiving if all the drivers we have tested.

The hyperflight face also helps with this. It is thinner and therefore seriously lessens the amount of power and ball speed you can loose if you hit it off centre. This coupled with the redesigned compression channel creates what others have called a “springboard” effect to further counteract any miss hit shots. When it comes to the launch you can get some seriously hefty hits, and you feel like you are making great contacts nearly every time. Perhaps not quite as long as the Callaway great big Bertha, or quite as adjustable, the Nike Vapor Fly still has lots to offer, and is a top notch driver for distance and accuracy.

There you have our top three drivers for distance. With so many more being released all the time you can guarantee that First Rate Sports Will be all over the latest golf releases, to bring you the very best sporting equipment reviews we can. Great offerings from TaylorMade, Ping and Titleist just missed out on our list, so be sure to look out for individual reviews of these, or even a second part to this article.

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