Gritting Your Teeth- The Best Mouth Guards For MMA

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Combat sports have always drawn big crowds and big interest. It spot at their top table for was reserved especially for boxing, yet MMA are coming to stake a claim. Huge crowds and a massive following have MMA a huge sporting draw. The professionals seek out huge arenas like the MGM Grand and Madison Square Garden. Just like boxing as well, the casual fitness fanatic has also started using the training methods of these extremely fit athletes to boost their own workout program. The amateur and local scenes are also booming with many MMA gyms being set up, and loads of people looking to get into the sport.

As always First Rate sports knows that you have to have the very best kit in order to properly enjoy your sport to the fullest. With combat sports, nothing is more importance than the quality of your gear, especially when it comes to protecting yourself. Nowhere is this more evident than when choosing the best mouth guard for MMA. Mouth and teeth protection is of paramount importance when hands and feet can be flying in your face. You will need something that is comfy, fits well and does the job protection wise. Namely stopping you getting your teeth knocked out! It’s also there to stop you biting your tongue or your cheek. First Rate Sports now offer sup what we consider are the best mouth guards for MMA.

Venum Challenger Mouth Guard

To start our list we bring you a mouth guard tried, tested and reviewed by over 200 people on Giving it a staggeringly good 4 ½ stars out of 5. High praise indeed for the number one selling mouth guard on that site. Other online reviewers also lavish it with praise, but what did First Rate Sports find?

Venum ia a massive brand when it comes to combat sport and this mouth guard is worthy of their illustrious name. The first thing that took us back with it was just how comfortable it is. Bulky mouth guards may protect well, but it’s no good if you can not wear them comfortably. It tucks into your cheeks nicely and really causes minimal irritation. We did a bag work out to see how the comfort deteriorated as we got fatigued, and it was minimal. It is also exceptionally easy to keep your breathing controlled when it is in place. Something that can not be said of all mouth guards.

The Nexfit gel frame offers up a great versatility when it comes to adjustment. Just make sure you fit it well as the dense rubber shell can push up your top lip if you don’t. Something other reviewers found. However they like us are unanimous that when done right, the Venum Challenger mouth guard provides supreme protection and comfort, for an amazing price. The fact it comes with a free carry case also helps keep your mouth guard clean and hygienic. These are usually sold separate so this just adds to the value. Venum here proved a great mouth guard and a great piece of MMA gear, does not have to cost a fortune. Well played!

TapouT mouth Guards

Speaking of value, what can be better than two mouth guards for the price of one! That is exactly what TapouT offer here. After all, it is very handy to have a spare, especially if you mess up the first one. They are very pliable, and can be remoulded several times using the simple boil and bite method.

If how your mouth guard looks matters a lot to you, then the vast variety of two colour mouth guards available will certainly appeal to you. They even have some funky designs with thanks, and joker style smiles so be sure to have a good look at them all to find your perfect look.

In terms of protection, it is not as thick or dense as the Venum model we just reviewed. This adds to the comfort as it won’t push your lip up and allows you to open and close your mouth easily. This means breathing is nice and simple, and you won’t be battling against your gear to draw a breath. The protection offered is diminished slightly, but this does not mean that you will have teeth flying out. You feel the bumps a little more, and it is not quite as cushioned on the cheeks, but it still more than does the job. Anyone looking for a guard specifically to wear for bag work to recreate competitive conditions or someone who needs two guards need look no further. Another great value mouth guard for MMA, that gives a great performance during competition.

Shock Doctor Nano 3D

If you are looking to spend a bit more money on your mouth guard, then you need look no further than this offering from shock doctor. The slim look and fit means that it will never limit your speech or your breathing, and is a dream when fitting. You can easily take a drink with it in as well, something a leading MMA sight made clear to us, and an option we had never thought of before.

Made with a multi layer system of high-density rubber, this is what allows the Shock doctor Nano 3D to be so slim, yet still have such unrivalled protection. Yes, when it comes to keeping your mouth secure this guard is by far the best that we have put to our extensive tests. It is a little on the pricey side, but if you are going into some seriously hard competition then this is one of the best options for you. Top marks for comfort and protection and only slightly falling down on value.

That completes our list of top mouth guards for MMA, at least, when it comes to ones you mould yourself. Any of the three we have picked on this list would be nothing more than exceptional at protecting your mouth, and remaining comfortable while it does it. Top Marks for all three, and we hope that First Row Sports advice can keep you safe in the ring. Happy Striking and Protect yourself at all times!

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