How To Grip A Baseball Bat

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For the next stop on the road of our sporting tips series here at First Rate Sports, we look at the world of baseball, and how to improve your batting. Specifically, how to properly grip the baseball bat, and how this will help improve your results when hitting the ball. We suggest combining our tips for grip with the correct type of glove, and our article on best baseball batting gloves will help you out with that.

Why Do I Need To Grip The Bat Properly?

Well for a start you won’t let go of the bat and have the embarrassment of watching it go flying away from you. More importantly, though it can free up your entire body and your entire stance at the plate. This will place less stress on the body, reduce the risk of injuries and allow you to properly use your full power. It will improve your bat speed, so you can hit harder, coming from the greater amount of whip in your motion. If you do not have a proper grip on the bat, you will not be accelerating through the ball upon impact. The ball will hit the bat, and slow the bat down upon impact. Resulting in less power, weaker contacts and a poor performance. Finally, if you are wrong footed by the pitch or fooled, then your hands can adjust fast to still play the ball correctly.

So how do I grip the baseball bat?

Your bottom hand should contact the bat at the bottom of the handle, and your index finger should be curled around the bat, with a small gap between the bottom three fingers of your hand. The other three fingers should still wrap around the bat. You want to line your knuckle up with the barrel of the ball as if you drawing a straight line from your knuckles through the middle of the bat. Then grip it in the same way with the top hand. Try and line up the knuckles along that imaginary line you are drawing through the middle of the bat. All the way through the knuckle on your bottom hand, through the knuckle on your top hand and through the barrel.

You want to grip the ball in the curve of your fingers, rather than your palms. All this will do is make you choke the bat, and drag it

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down into the ground, or over rotate your body. Remember to Have a relaxed upper body and an easy stance. The more relaxed your body is the easier it will be to perform one smooth explosive movement. If you are tense this will never happen. Tightness and gripping the bat really hard does not increase power. You want to hold the bat loosely all the way, as it will naturally tighten up in your hands as you swing. This will help the top thumb stabilise the bat and not allow the ball to knock it backwards. All this means you are accelerating upon impact and your bat speed is increasing all the time during your swing.

To encourage a strong grip position you want to make sure your palms are correctly positioned. You want the bottom palm facing down, and the top palm facing up. As if mirror opposites of each other. This helps get a more parallel line during your swing, giving you a smoother motion and nicer contact.

This concludes our tips on baseball bat grip. We will follow up with further articles on the angle of your bat, and how this can determine the type of player and hitter you want to be. For now though practice your grip, and become comfortable with deliver smooth swings with this grip, and using this setup. Happy hitting.

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