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Well, where exactly do I choose to begin, the best baseball batting gloves, so many people ask me this question, as the sheer amount on the market now make it a literal minefield for customers. Never fear though sports fans, as First Rate Sport is galloping to your rescue with the best batting gloves for baseball. We will make sure your equipment gets your hands firmly, safely and comfortably on the bat in a way that does not detract from your swing or compromise your grip.

With so many cheap gloves, does it really make that much difference?

One thing we will say, and it is backed up by most major baseball publications, is that money talks with batting gloves. So many products now offer great value options that stand the test of hard use. Batting gloves are not one of them. Even if you have a big name brand offering a cheaper option, the stitch quality, and material used is never as good as the ones that cost a little bit more. They can often be too dense, causing your hands to sweat and effect your grip on the bat handle. This sweat will also potentially warp and already cheap material. If you want the very best for your batting average, stick to our list.

So what is the best baseball batting glove?

Under Armour Clean Up Batting Glove

To kick this list off we go to a very well known brand in Under Armour and their Clean Up Batting Gloves. The first thing we noticed with these gloves is how supremely well made they are. You can just feel the quality in them from the get go. Having developed base layers for years and years, under armour know a little something about the right material to regulate body temperature. They use a patch of their much sort after Heat Gear tech so that you can absorb any sweat that occurs fast, and also add a much better 4 way stretch for impressive flexibility all over your hand.

The fit in the wrist is amongst one of the best we have tested, really making you feel secure and free when you step up to the plate. Many other online reviewers comment on the thickness of the glove, and how this adds great quality and durability, yet does not leave your hand drenched in sweat so your glove slips in the bat handle. Also, the goatskin leather makes the palm feel so soft, yet tough and grippy. When purchased through you can select a massive array of colours to match your kit or personal choices, and every size you could ever need. You know you can trust the Under Armour Clean Up Batting Glove. A top recommendation.

Franklin Sports CFX Pro Batting Gloves

Franklin batting gloves have long been considered one of the elite glove brands in baseball, and they have the popularity to back that up. The CFX Pro series come in a huge array of sizes for both youths and adults, not to mention a range of colours and designs that eclipse that of the Under Armour gloves.

The neoprene ridge that runs along the back of the knuckles is the first supreme feature of the CFX pro. When you combine this with the quad flex creasing, means you can really strongly wrap your hands and fingers around the bat with supreme confidence and comfort. NO glove makes the bat feel better in the hand, and that is high praise indeed.

Then you get the softness and thick feel of the sheepskin leather, and the glove just feels so adaptable in your hand. Every aspect of your hand feels locked in place, and strong and sturdy, yet sill so free and flexible. Well made and perfectly balanced, these gloves are among the very best you can get. It is easy to see why they are so popular.

Nike MVP Edge Baseball glove

Finally, we bring you the offering from sports mega star Nike. Aptly called the MVP considering the company that makes it, Nike have created an ultra thin glove, designed to give you a realistic a life like feeling on the bat. This is meant to maximise your technique, and make the grip and swing combine together to feel as fluid and natural as possible.

The thick leather and unique mesh palms make for probably the most breathable of all the gloves we have looked at. This also means they dry quick, so the material stays soft and flexible. Adding to the flexibility is the great placing of the creases. As long as you get the right size, these should bend in all the right places, allowing you to envelop the bat handle.

The colours are not as plentiful as the other gloves on offer, but you still manage to get some cool slick looking designs. A better lightweight glove we have yet to find on the market.

That sums up our reviews of the best baseball batting gloves. If these do not take your fancy then we advise looking at Louisville batting gloves and also Mizuno. Two more great companies that make great gloves, and can offer great alternatives if you find these ones do not meet your liking. Happy batting and we hope this helps you get to grips with things.

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