Is Bigger Better? – The Best Mini Basketball Hoop

Basketball. On of the most popular games in America, and pretty much the world. It grows and grows in popularity outside of north America every year, and its accessibility is one of the main reasons for that. It is fast paced, furious and so many different aspects to it. The fans simply just love the frenetic nature of it. One of the things fans love the most is how easy it is to have a hoop at home, and juts play anywhere, for a small price. Yet what about when the weather gets cold?

Well, then why not head inside with one of our best rated indoor basketball hoops. If you’ve wanted to lark about at the office, get your kids into the game from a young age, or simply create a bit of a buzz at a party by recreating some of your favourite slam dunks, you need an indoor or mini basketball hoop, and as always First Rate Sports want you to have the best. Any of the list below will be a fine option, and we think would look great in anybody’s home. Looks are a key feature for your mini basketball hoop, as it can also double up as a super cool looking piece of home décor. With that in mind, these are the hoops we could not get enough of.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball hoop

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop (Sports)

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Why not start off with top selling mini basketball hoop. A staggering 2,700 customers having given this an average review of 4 ½ stars!! Stunning! Well, we say it is worth every bit of those reviews!

First off the value for money is amazing for something this well made. It has an extremely hard wearing shatterproof polycarbonate backboard, which can take a hammering. Add to that the Pro grade, spring loaded steel rim, that helps you recreate those hard hitting slam dunks and you know this board will not let you down. It comes complete with a mini ball, and you even get a 90-day warranty. It simply can not be beaten in this area.

In terms of looks, it is not the most stylish but looks simplistically cool. Like a standard game day hoop, but smaller. After all is that not the point. We loved the fact it was just a miniature version of a real hoop. A smart looking piece of kit.

The versatility is another massive plus. You can get two different sizes, The standard 18 by 12-inch backboard, or the extra large 23 by 16-inch backboard. All at supreme value if bought off You can wall mount it, or hang it over the door. If you do choose to out it on the door, you have a foam padded side on the mounts, so you won’t need to worry about your kids hammering into it, and damaging your home. Finally, the assembly required is minimal and so easy that you will be playing indoors in no time. The bets all round package a mini basketball hoop can provide on the market today.

Spalding NBA Mini Hoop Set

If you are looking to make a statement in your home with the look of your mini basketball hoop, then this is the one for you. It comes in every variety of team you could want. So not matter what your NBA allegiance you can say it loud and proud.

It does not have the build quality or stability of the SKLZ board, but it is great for long range shooting and more gentle slam dunks. Just don’t expect to be hanging off the board as it does not have that super strong finish of the SKLZ net.

It more than offers what you need from a mini hoop though, and its look is simply fantastic. A great choice for somebody who wants a cool addition to the room, as much as a practical hoop for playing.

SKLZ Pro Mini Playground Hoop

So now you want the combination of the quality that SKLZ provides with a cool slick look. Well, this is the hoop. It’s mean and cool street looking black and gun metal colour scheme are superb, and it’s the best looking hoop we found online. You also get a sweet jet black mini basketball with it to complete the set.

You have the confidence and quality of knowing you can out this hoop through the ringer, and you have a pro level of finish. A sturdy metal hoop that is best hung over a door, you can also dunk with confidence given the 9-inch spring action breakaway rim.

Yo don’t have the different size options that you get from the other SKLZ hoop, but that is a minor thing. If you are happy with the 18 by 12-inch size and want an edgier look, then this mini basketball hoop is the best one for you. 130 Reviews in also have this at an average of 4 ½ stars. So many consumers say it’s easy to assemble and great for their kids. They praise its hard wearing nature and the supreme value for money on offer with this product.

So there you have the complete list. All these options should offer something for every basketball fan out there, and their specific needs. Be it look, quality, size or even how you can mount it. Stick with these three mini basketball hoops and you really will have the best.

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