Keep It Clean!-MMA Mouth Guard Maintenance

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Not long ago we did an article on a crucial bit of kit for any MMA fanatic, which is the best mouth guard. It is a crucial bit of sporting equipment for obvious reasons, and that is why First Rate Sport was all over it, bringing you the best most impartial information possible. Yet what happens once you have the kit, how to you make sure you get value for money. In short how do you care for
and maintain your MMA Mouth guard. Well, we are here to tell you.

Why Is mouth guard care and maintenance so important?

Well to start with, why spend your hard earned cash on something you are just going to let deteriorate. We always place quality and durability at the top of any product we are reviewing, but this is pointless if you do not look after it. You need to prolong the life of any bit of equipment, especially one so crucial to your safety.

The next thing is hygiene. This thing goes in your mouth, and no matter how often you brush, your mouth is not a clean place. Especially during exercise with all the sweat, spit and whatever else may come up during intense physical strain. You need to keep it clean, so you can keep using it with confidence.

So How Do I Clean My MMA Mouth Guard?

The most simple way of thinking of cleaning your MMA mouth guard, it to treat it like you would your teeth. Simply use a tooth brush and toothpaste, and at best luke warm water. Then give it a good scrub all over and make sure any debris and liquid are removed. Then give it a dry and store it safely. Never use hot water, or leave it soaking as this will soften the material and warp the mouth guard. In a similar way to how you do when initially moulding it. You will have to refit it, and perhaps even ruin the guard altogether.

Any Other Tips for taking care of my Mouth Guard?

Get a case! Your workout back is not a clean and hygienic place, so having it lying in the bottom with your shoes and shorts is a bad idea. Some of the mouth guards on our recommended list come with a case which is a huge bonus, but if you do not have one, get one. This will also keep it safe, and prevent it becoming warped or damaged by weight being piled on top of it. We would suggest picking up the shock doctor mouth guard case from A great range of colour options, and a handy clip to attach to your bag so you do not forget it. It’s durable, well made and does the job just fine. Also, make sure you clean your case at the same time you clean your mouth guard. There is no point in Putting a nicely cleaned mouth guard into a dirty case.

With that, we can wrap up our tips on MMA mouth guard care and maintenance. Hygiene and product quality are the top reasons for looking after this particular piece of kit, and First Rate Sports really endorse hygienic and safe mouth guard storage. It can be really important. This combined with the use of our recommended products will see you performing at your best, and staying safe during fights. Keep it clean!

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