Keep Rolling-The Best Ab Rollers In Review

The building and toning of abdominal muscle is something many fitness fanatics crave. Even if people are not after becoming peak athletes, or fantastic endurance performers, they still desire the aesthetic quality that well toned muscle gives them. Be it for fitness or just to feel better about yourself, training to get abs can be tough. If you want to enhance your training beyond the hours upon hours of abdominal crunches, and medicine ball workouts, then an ab roller could be just what you need.

As always, First Rate Sports has tested the best ab rollers available. Combining the need for ease of use, durability and value for money, to bring you the best ab rollers on the market today. Below is our top three picks that you need to consider when hunting down the best ab roller.

CSX Ab Roller


We start off our list with the CSX Ab Roller, a piece of equipment that has amassed an impressive 4 ½ out of 5-star reviews on, from a huge 196 reviews. This showed us straight away it was a piece of kit we simply had to test. So many real world users rate in incredibly higher for a huge number of reasons.

First of all, let’s start with the foam padded handles. They offer fantastic comfort and grip when using the CSX. We found that even if our hands were wet from sweat, the foam absorbed it and made sure it was not a factor. Also with the amount of weight you out through your hands when using an ab roller, a comfortable grip is crucial.

The next major thing is how smoothly it rolls, and we could have no complaints in this area. The well constructed matt black plastic wheels offered very little friction on any surface, and when combined with the metal axle, it ensured the easiest of uses. Over time, we found it could get slightly jolty, but nothing to overly concern you with. Regular upkeep and oiling will make sure this is avoided. The final great bonus from this is that it comes with a foam knee matt, that is crucial when using an ab roller. It avoids the need to purchase this separately, and will make sure you protect your knees when applying weight to them during exercise.

It is well made, and the parts are hard wearing, yet it does have a life span that is slightly less than that of some of the other highest quality ab rollers on this list. A perfect option for somebody just starting out, looking to see if this is a piece of equipment they can use regularly. The other thing that makes it great for beginners is the free E-book for ab workouts that you will receive with it. 7.5/10

Ab Wheel Roller Pro

Next on the list of best ab rollers, is number one selling ab roller, the Ab Wheel Roller Pro. It is supremely well made, and the fact it comes with a full replacement LIFETIME guarantee, shows they truly believe in how well it is made. In all honesty, whenever we see this type of claim, we test is extra vigorously, and perhaps beyond out normal levels, and the Ab wheel pro came out fantastically. No deterioration in the quality of equipment, or quality of exercise.

It’s two separate wheels, spaced slightly apart, make it exceptionally stable than a simple single wheel, or two wheels stuck together system. It is a simple idea, but one that works fantastically. Also, rather than making the entire handle out of foam, they offer only foam grips in a small area. It more than gives the cover needed for your hands and also makes sure the ab roller is even stronger and more durable, as a greater portion of it is durable plastic.

Its design is lightweight, and the roll you get is extremely smooth and consistent. It responds well on all surfaces. The mid-line stabilisers that have been additionally added to the pro version make it even more secure and incredibly functional. It is very compact in shape also, so if travelling to the gym, or storing it at home it is very easily transportable.

Video links for the perfect ab workout to use in unison with your ab wheel pro are provided, and if the full replacement lifetime guarantee is not enough, you get a no obligation money back 30-day guarantee as well. A supremely well made, and practical piece of gym equipment, that would grace any home or commercial gym. 8.5/10

Perfect Fitness Ab carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts (Sports)

List Price: $34.99 USD
New From: $32.49 USD In Stock
Used from: $23.00 USD In Stock

You may have seen the ab carver sport available as well, and it just missed out on making our list, yet the ab carver pro has to take top spot. It is quite simply the bets ab roller available for a huge number of reasons. We should start by saying that it is a bit more pricey than the others on this list, so make sure first that you know you want to be using an ab roller to build and tone your abdominal muscle.

The thing the makes this ab roller so different and special is that it evolves what the others on the market do. By having a larger wheel with deep tread, it gives the most complete and stable feeling possible. This allows you to roll and carve in motions to both the right and left, not just the run of the mill central motions. This in turn, helps train the obliques and well as the abdominal muscles. Then you have the carbon steel sprung core. This adds resistance to your movements as you roll out, and aids the motion as you roll in. Giving your workouts a new dimension that no other ab roller can claim to bring. The grips are non-slip, and they are made of rubber, so comfort is also guaranteed. So far we can not find a stronger or more secure grip. All of these features will help you keep your form and produce more consistent workouts, for longer lasting more improved results.

Its ergonomic grips are also angled so that you can further activate a greater number of core and arm muscles during your workouts. To further support your workout regime, it comes with the ability to download a full 21-day workout plan, which we strongly recommend. This is an advanced piece of equipment, and the workout guide that comes with it reflects that It makes sure you are making the most out of this professional level ab roller.

Its construction is supremely durable, yet it is not the most lightweight. It can easily be transported, but it is better off staying in place in your home gym, or at your public gym. It will easily stand being used for hours on end by gym users, so if you want an ab roller for your business then look no further. The cream of the ab rollers available and we give it an amazing, 9.5/10.

That concludes our list of the best three ab rollers on today’s market. All comes with fantastic discounts when bought through our links to, and with all of these, you get complete guides to using your ab roller. All fo these offer a different level of quality to the user and are adaptable to anybody situation. As always if any questions arise, or if you would like us to review any further ab rollers, contact us through our site. Until then, good luck, and keep on rolling!

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