Nike ONE RZN Golf Ball In Review

First Rate Sports have been consistently bringing you top lists on the very best sporting equipment, but what about specific items. We get lots of people contacting us asking for specific product reviews, and we have delivered once again. Golf balls are a confusing and cluttered market place, with lots of differing opinions and reviews on what the balls do. The best way to sort through the mass of info, get out on the First Rate Sports driving range and test them for ourselves. The First ball we decided to look at was the Nike One RZN golf ball.

Nike used there RZN technology long ago, and it has really been very highly endorsed. They are targeted as a great golf ball for the Amateur players, and as they make up most of our readers, we have put together a fully comprehensive Nike One RZN golf ball review.

Nike Golf One RZNX Golf Balls 12pk White (Sports)

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The first thing to talk about is the feel of this golf ball when striking. It is a soft feel ball, giving it a much more receptive landing on the greens. You won’t get the long run out distance on the fairway, but it is worth it for the fantastic feel on the greens. If you have as slower swing speed as well, which many amateurs do, a firm feeling ball will not be suited to your swing. You will get more distance and accuracy from this soft feel RZN ball. Perfect for the players who prefer the irons to the driver.

The idea behind an RZN core, as opposed to a rubber one, is to reduce the weight of the ball. This creates more spins and offers more control. We found that wedge play was a joy with this ball because of it. We could pitch the ball far beyond the hole, and really get it gripping and zipping back. It also massively helped with our short game, as chips and short pitches gripped and checked on the first or second bounce, allowing us to recover fantastically from any errant shots around the green.

The combination fo the 3 piece construction, RZN core and all round lightweight feel, creates a ball that is supremely forgiving for the amateur player. You need a greater feel of the club if you do not have the straight lines in your swing that the pros do. It gives true strikes, that offer a little extra distance, without any hard to handle firmness when striking the ball.

In terms of value for money, we found that these are extremely reasonably priced for a top end ball. You tend to be a little overly nervous if using a high quality ball, because if you dunk a few in the lake, you are paying for it with more than extra shots on the card. Yet at around $40 a box when purchased of, you can afford to lose a few and not feel the pinch. A great mix of quality equipment for top notch value. Also on Amazon, it has an unreal 4 ½ star average review from over 200 feedbacks. Most reviewers are unanimous in the control this ball gave them, and that it really helped improve the amount of greens they hit. Over half also comment on how it added plenty of yards to their game, despite their low swing speeds. Exactly the things we found when reviewing the Nike One RZN ourselves.

To summarise this a great ball, for the golfer stepping up from novice or beginner and getting out on the course on a regular basis. Perfect for slow swing speeds, and people who want maximum spin control when attacking the greens. A high recommendation and a golf ball we would have no hesitation taking out on the next First Rate Sports office golf trip.

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