Nike Vapor X Carry Bag Review

Golf is an extremely physical sport, and much more physical than it is given credit for. Forget about the flexibility and strength you need to have in your body in order to execute your shots, let’s just think about the distance you cover walking the course. Most Amateur players will be hulking around their own clubs, and boy is there a lot of them to carry. Therefore, the right carry bag is crucial. You also need one to pack all your many pieces of kit into, not just the clubs, but the balls, scoring cards, gloves and drinks to keep you hydrated on course. The list pretty much goes son forever. It needs to be sturdy on the ground and well made so you get great value from it. With all these characteristics in mind, First Rate sports has compiled a full review of the Nike Vapor X Carry Bag. Nike is a huge name in sports equipment, and a huge name in golf, so let’s see if this carry bag is worthy of their impressive name.

To start with, you have an awesome range of colours to pick from. Meaning you can really pick out whatever suit your own style or taste. The quality of material from this bag, as you would expect from one with a high retail price, is superb. It resists water very well and is easy to clean if you do get dirt from the course on it. It was remarkably scuff resistant as well, so it is well worth considering a few extra bucks when you shell out on your carry bag, to ensure it will last you a long time.

In terms of storage you have the main club storage are, which has a slightly narrower neck than on other back. It is a 5-way divider, with only two full length areas. This serves up a trade off between super efficient organisation, and extra weight created by lots of unnecessary dividers. We really enjoyed this and found we could easily organise our clubs in a simple an effective way, and keep them nicely divided. The bags that are really split up can be bulky, even if you can have lots of organisational precision. The rain hood is easily attacked and taken off through two simple buttons, yet secures itself very firmly. No rain penetrates it, and it is everything you would need from one, So no problems there.

At First glance, the pockets on this bag came up a little short if you want to really pack out a full kit. You can get in all your basics, really comfortably, but Nike designed this bag to be lightweight. Therefore, you can make use of there stretch fit material to pack more in, but it still can be beaten by others on the market. Five differed zip sealed pockets come in varying sizes. A pocket running along the side of the bag, has a small mesh pocket also inside, and will mean you can quickly get into things like your wallet, scoring pencil or snacks, in terms of the large pocket itself the stretch material means you can pack in a waterproof kit pretty easily, although it will bulk out the shape of your carry bag. A small waterproof pocket also sits on the outside of this pocket, meaning you can get your wallet and GPS system nicely into this, without room for a lot else. The small and medium pockets also g the spine of the bag are perfect for balls and tees. Another medium sized pocket can be used for a spare glove if you want to keep it out if the elements, yet you have a really cool Velcro patch on the outside for attaching your glove. A really handy addition. Finally, a fully insulated drinks sleeve can be found to store your cold beverage.

More nice features include the pencil sleeve, that mean you don’t have to take up room in your pockets, and it has a hook for an umbrella. Then add on the ring that you have to store trowel through, and we started to understand why they had cut down on the pockets. Relying on their innovative materials, and lots of small additions on the outside of the bag, mean you really start to get your money worth, given a little intelligence and planning when packing your kit for a day on the course.

The legs are pretty standard to be honest. They do not offer the firmest base we have ever tested, yet in no way do they let you down. They are very durable, but this is perhaps one area we would have like dot see a little extra weight, to just improve the overall quality of what is a supremely fine bag. They took in very tightly though, so if you are using it around in a cart, or securing it in a buggy, you need not worry about anything protruding.

Strap comfort is what Nike use to come into their own when it comes to carry bags. They sue their Air tech to really pad out their straps, without adding weight. We carried it around all day on our shoulders, with a fully packed kit, and found no discomfort. They secure tightly to you and are easily adjusted so you can give yourself that little bit of room to easily put it on, and remove it from your shoulders. The straps also help hold the bag in place, so that clubs will not fall out, or the bag will fall and become lopsided.

In summary, the Nike Vapor X Carry Bag is a great option for any serious golfer. It does come at a slightly higher than average price, but if you play regularly and desire comfort, then it is worth it. This is simply because you will have total piece of mind that this bag will last a long time. It is stable enough without excelling. The pockets are minimal, but more than cover your needs given all the extra little features on the outside of the bag. The club separation is nice, but the real bonus is just how comfortable and lightweight it is. This is possibly the lightest bag we have ever tested, and really puts the comfort of the user at the forefront, ahead of maximum storage. We highly recommend the Nike Vapor X Carry Bag, and after our review, give it a very fair 8.5/10.

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