Quick Feet-The Best Agility Ladder

Agility ladders are becoming more and more common for workouts. Teams sports such as soccer or football use them in their training to improve leg speed, speed of movement, and also for cardio. They can be great as a warm up tool, to get the legs moving fast and loosen off the muscles before you stretch. I personally use one before long distance runs as a great warm up exercise. You don’t want to stretch cold muscles, and they get me warmed up nicely before my pre-run stretching routine.

Yet how do you pick the best agility ladder. There are plenty of options for your different needs, and First Rate Sports have a list of suggested products in the agility ladder category that should make a great addition to your training regiment.

Ohuhu Agility ladder

The Ohuhu agility ladder has brightly coloured rungs, that will stand out when placed on any surface. This means it can be used to train in grass or hard surfaces and you will easily be able to see where you need to step. The sections are 15 inches long, allowing a little extra room for your steps, but still being designed with quick sharp steps in mind. You can however, adjust the spacing of the rungs to offer a more customised course, that can be easier or harder.

One thing we loved to do was vary the spaces to create a course that got harder the longer you went on. The next great thing about this ladder is the option to purchase in two separate amount of rungs. You have the option of adding another nine rungs to the usual twelve rung option. This means you can make even tighter spaces that really challenge your coordination and, improves speed and agility.

The durability of the strong plastic rungs and tough nylon straps means this will stand up to all the rigours of hard training, and really does represent top notch value the money. It is the most popular agility ladder currently on Amazon.com exercise and fitness section and has a stunning 5 stars out of 5 from 60 customer reviews.

Endurance Pro Agility Ladder

The only other ladder we truly believe delivers a comparable quality of longevity, innovation and results, is the Endurance Pro Agility Ladder. It is a 15-foot agility ladder with 11 rungs, meaning you create some really tight spaces. It is designed for more advanced routines, and high knees, and sharp feet. Like the Ohuhu, it is brightly coloured for easy vision, and exceptionally well made, rivalling the Ohuhu comfortably in both these areas.

The big plus of this ladder comes in how you secure it. You have a peg and ring system that allows you to sink it into turf and dirt tracks. So your ladder will not get rucked up if you stumble during the workout. If the ladder becomes tangled it will compromise the rest of your set, and also adds time to reset the ladder. The Endurance pro eliminates this factor.

It is easily portable and assembled so it’s great to take to training sessions, or in on the road with you. It also has a waterproof lightweight carry bag, and the total weight of this agility ladder is minimal, which also helps make it one of the best on the market. It comes with a superb E-book as well, so you can get great ideas for group training, or to add to your own workout session.

This agility ladder really is the total package, and will leave you no grey areas for your speed and agility training. A First Rate Sports top pick, and our best agility ladder during testing.

You may be used to a longer list when it comes to our product reviews, but when it game to the best agility ladder, we found you need not look beyond these two. There are tonnes of options online, but not one could stand up to the practical nature, and hard wearing material of the two we have reviewed above. You may see a cheap $5-£10 agility ladder, and think it will do, but it is well worth spending a tiny bit more, to ensure you get the best kit. Then you can concentrate fully on your work out. Now get training, and keep those feet quick!

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