Relieving Tension-The Best Massage Roller Sticks

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Everyone is very focused on their workout routine, and what exactly they will be doing. Yet what you do before and after your workout is key. Most people are well aware of the need for a good warm up before exercise, yet tons more focus is now being put on what we do after exercise. A simple warm down is not enough for people anymore, as they want better recovery times, and much better results in their next workout. Stretching routines, ice baths and more can be sued for recovery, but not much can beat the addition of a strong massage. It helps force the lactic acid out of your muscles, and dilute it in the bloodstream. This will help significantly reduce cramp, and any aches you may feel after your workout.

But how do we give ourselves a massage? Sometimes it’s impossible to reach the necessary areas of our body, and apply the right pressure. Well that’s when you need a massage stick, a product that is fast become as crucial a piece of fitness fanatics gym kit as trainers or a sports drink. These stick are designed to allow you to easily stretch your muscles, and relieve the stress and tension that can build in them. Any knots or tight spots that may occur after exercise can be reached with a massage stick.

First rate sports is here to help review and inform you on the best massage sticks on the market today. Being a relatively new piece of equipment. Many people need help choosing one from the many on the market. We have picked out the three best we found during our product testing, so you can know exactly where to find the best massage stick, and why it should be your choice for improving your after workout routine.

Elite Sportz Equipment The Massage Stick-Muscle Roller Massager

It may not have a flashy name, but this product delivers exactly what it says it does, and we could not think of a better place to start than with the number one selling massage roller on It has over 2,400 customer reviews averaging 4 ½ stars out of 5. So you know this is a seriously decent piece of equipment. Users praise its lightweight and compact design. Making it easy to carry around in your gym bag. They say it feels extremely comfortable on your skin and is fantastic when used in combination with an ointment or muscle gel. All sorts of fitness enthusiasts seem to be using it, from weight lifters to distance runners, and getting great results.

This stick is much firmer than a foam stick, meaning it compresses the muscles and relieves pain much more effectively, yet it is still superbly comfortable. The handles are very grippy, and make using the stick easy no matter how you manoeuvre it around your body. We also found that the size of this muscle stick makes it perfect for legs, so it is definitely the best muscle stick for runners and anyone training their legs.

Coming with a money back guarantee, and free access to great how to videos on the Elite Sportz Equipment website. These really help as very few people will know how to properly massage their muscles to achieve the best end goal after training. We were amazed at how well the Elite Sportz Equipment roller works,a and we have honestly never felt better in our legs after long running session. It’s a must have for anybody tackling leg day, or if you suffer from shin or hamstring complaints. 9/10

The Muscle Stick Elite

If you are looking for a massage stick that is better than a large foam roller and gets better results, then look no further. The muscle stick elite is specifically designed for deep tissue relief after exercise. This is down to the raised bumps on the surface of the roller that really penetrate deep into the muscle tissue, and work out the knots.

The feeling is very intense when you use it after working out, but you can really feel it working. We definitely suggest using it with a lotion or massage oil though as it can irritate the skin if not. As long as it is lubricated properly though it gives a fantastic feeling. The handles are not as comfy as the previous muscle stick on this list,but they are more than adequate. It does have a very firm steel rod that goes through the stick, that can add to the weight of it. The bonus to this though is the force it helps apply to the muscle, which improves the end results and helps stretch the muscle area targeted properly.

Overall this product is a little cheaper than the Elite Sportz Offering and maybe has a little less quality in terms of the material use and durability. It is still comfortably one of the very best massage sticks available to purchase. We suggest going through to get a great discount, and fantastic reviews from day to day users. 8/10

Idson Muscle Roller Stick For Athletes

We finish off our list of best muscle sticks, with the Idson Muscle Roller, a product in the top two best selling on It is one of the most compact in size at only 18 inches in length, making it perfect for transporting, and those who like to work out on the go.

It is without question the best made muscle stick on the market, made form exceptionally high quality materials. Build around a steel rod, yet without adding too much weight, it rolls very freely over your muscles, and does not get snagged or jammed when using. Some muscle sticks require breaking in, yet this rolls freely from the outset.

It does not have the same radical lumps and bumps as the Muscle stick elite, but the consistent raises and dips offer a nice replicated feeling, that helps find a regular rhythm for your post workout routines. The handles are the best we have used, as they are made from rubber and polypropylene. This gives fantastic grip, and also means if you use it when your hands are still sweaty, it will not negatively effect the performance of the product.

The quality and durability of this muscle stick makes it very hard to beat. It is in between the previous two in terms of performance, but its ease of use and longevity put it right up there with the best massage sticks online.

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