Review Of The Best Golf Swing Analyser

Golf is possibly one of the most coached sports around. People obsess over their swing, and those at the very top level hire the most expensive and experienced coaches possible to help fine tune their game. The swing while striking drivers, irons and wedges is the crucial part of most golfers games, and this is why so many strive for the perfect swing. Many at amateur levels will pay for lessons to help improve their game, yet this is still all observed by a coach on the outside looking in. How can you see your own swing and where it falls short? How can you see for yourself what your swing coach is talking about? This is what a golf swing analyser will bring you. A combination of a small device you attach to your club will analyse things like swing speed, your swing plane and much more. Then software that is accessible on either a computer or smartphone will help you see exactly what happens when you swing your club.

Yet how do you pick the bets one for you? Which one has the best software, offers the best feedback, and most importantly helps to improve your game. Well, look no further, because First Rate Sports is here to give you a comprehensive and impartial guide on the best golf swing analyser on the market today.

3Bays golf swing analyser

We start off with the 3Bays golf swing analyser, the lightest golf swing analyser on the market today, or so it claims. This can be a really key factor when trying to analyse your swing. This is because you need to have the same consistency in your swing as you would if the analyser was not attached, thus giving a true reflection, so you can properly see the areas you can improve upon. The fact that the 3Bays analyser attaches itself on the top of the grip of your club, rather than on the shaft or any other area, also helps keep the club feeling natural. When we tested the 3Bays analyser we couldn’t even tell it was there at all, so it really delivered on its lightweight claims.

The 3Bays also offers great versatility as it is available for IOS and Android. It will capture, correlate and analyse over 10,000 different data points during your swing. It will also let you observe a very detailed image of your swing plane from the front or side on views, as well as all different types of information on your swing. These include the time of your back swing and down swing, as well as club head speed. Add onto this Tempo, impact force, carry distance and ball speed, you really do start to get a complete package.

3Bays also knows that simply seeing all this information on it’s on can not help you improve. Therefore, it lets you compare your swing to past swings, and also compare it to other tour professionals.

In summary, the 3Bays golf swing analyser is a fine choice for anybody looking to get a better grip on their golf game, and really delve into the mechanics of their swing. Its lightweight feel and sensible attachment position make it fantastically comfortable to use, and the range of data on offer is fantastic, easily correlated and really does have real life applications on the course. A great option and great value for money.

Skypro Golf Swing Analyser by Sky Caddie

Next up on this list is the Skypro Golf Swing Analyser, brought to you by the award winning team, behind the fantastic Sky Caddie GPS system. Used and trusted by golfers all over the world, the name lets you know you are getting a top quality piece of kit straight away. It analyses up to 10 times more data points than the 3Bays model at a staggering 100,000 data points. It also records automatically during the swing, without the need to press any buttons.

The analysis of your swing includes the club rotation, club head speed, swing path, swing plane, the angle of your club face and the lean of your shaft when addressing the ball, and at the point of impact. Plus there are loads and loads more that will help finely analyse your swing, and improve every aspect. The real top notch aspect of the Skypro Golf Swing Analyser is the graphics and animations during playback.

You can play them at a selection of different speeds and pause it at any point, you can also switch the angle that you view the playback at, even having a feature that will allow you to zoom in. You can play back simultaneously with another swing helping you compare progress in your swing.

A big downside is that this analyser does not have a detailed setup manual, but with Skypro smart calibration system it automatically tracks all the clubs in your back, including your putter. Then Combine this with their anti-rotational stability system and it is easy enough to set up. ARS is designed to keep the analyser locked to your shaft through hours of use, and not wobble or move causing data to be corrupted or time to be wasted.

Finally, the build quality and rugged tough feel of this golf swing analyser is fantastic, and you really get a hard wearing product that is suitable to be used in all weather conditions.

Available on both IOS and android, and letting you save your data, the Skypro Golf Swing Analyser is one of the best on the market today. A fantastic playback feature and the best graphics available to see you swing in every minute detail, it really allows you to properly dissect your swing and work on all the aspects you need in order to improve.

Zepp Golf 3D training System The previous two products on this list are superb and have a fair claim to being the best golf swing analyser on the market today. However, we believe that we have saved the best for last, and that comes in the form of the Zepp Golf 3D Training system.

When reviewing it, we found that its small lightweight feel and unique attachment really is a fantastic outside the box way of approaching the market. It attaches to your glove and via Bluetooth connectivity is then connected to your smartphone or tablet. You download a free app before hand and all your data will be transmitted to your device. The Bluetooth also eliminates the need for a wireless network and is supremely reliable.

It collect thousands of different data points along your swing path. On the visual playback, you can see your club and hand path, as well as the swing plane. It also calculates your Swing tempo and speed as well as the back swing angle. It may not be crammed with as much info as the previous two golf swing analysers, but this is all part of the Zepp 3D golf training systems charm. It does not flood you with too much info and sticks to simple facts and in the areas you truly need to improve your swing.

It also allows comparison with other professionals, and as with the others, you can save and backup your history so you can establish a regime of change, and track your progress.

The Zepp Golf3D Training aid is our favourite pick. It is lightweight, simple and accurate everything you need. It innovates in the correct areas and doesn’t meddle with things it doesn’t need to. Easy to transport and easy to use, the perfect and best golf swing analyser on the market in the opinion of First Rate Sports.

Other analysers are available, and you may find that some of the others we discussed on this list suit you better than our own favourite, or perhaps a different one altogether. We found trusting real world product users on sights like Amazon is a big help to get a more even spread of opinion, and they also tend to have the best discounts across the board on this product. We will continue to keep you updated on the latest and best golf swing analysers, so you are right up to date on improving and coaching your swing, both on the range, and the course.

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