Review Of The Best Push Up Bars

Push up bars are one of those pieces of gym equipment that people seem to think are not needed. After all, just drop to the correct position and push up to your hearts content. Well, we are here to tell you that it’s not the case! They have many benefits and a relatively simple piece of equipment, can give you big benefits.

Come On, Do They Really Make That Much Difference?

Yes, Push-ups can strengthen your arms, back, shoulders, chest, and back. Varying the width of your stance changes the muscles trained, and this is a great workout to add to any exercise regime. The benefit of having the bars so that they encourage you to maintain a better shape. This improves muscle tone massively. People are much more likely to retain their shape, and properly complete the reps with the bars. It can also be easier to judge the width apart you hold your arms and also helps protect your wrists and the palms of your hands. If the bars are taking the brunt of the stress, it puts less stress on your body as a whole and allows you to focus on the strength of the muscles that matter.

With all that in mind, we will now give you a list fo what we believe to be the best push up bars for you be it at home. Or the gym. We have extensively tested a market that has a huge amount of products available, and that can be a bit of a minefield.

CAP Barbell Push Up Bars

If you want a simple push up bar, that is hard wearing and with top quality, then these should be your first choice. They are not revolutionary in anything they do, but to be honest, most push up bars are not.

There rubber feet offer great stability on the floor, which is a crucial aspect of any push-up bar. We found it easy to maintain our shape, and their strong construction makes them a popular choice for anybody with their own gym, that will see these being used over and over again during the day. The foam covered bars are also nonslip, and extremely comfortable. A great Push up bar that gets all the basics right, and one that gives great value.

Perfect Push Up Elite The next on our list is the number two best selling push up bar on So you know it is well received. With an average review of 4 ½ stars from 982 customer reviews, you know that the everyday customers who purchased these are very happy with them. Designed by a navy seal, who wanted to evolve the traditional training methods of the elite military unit, these push-up bars are the nest step up from a standard rigid push-up bar.

They have the very popular rotating system, that adds to the importance placed on maintaining shape, and lessening stress on the body. It means you get a smoother action that rotates as you do your push ups, that can help train extra muscles, and also, reduce the risk of stress related injuries and strains. The steel ball bearing system is what gives this push-up bar such a smooth rotation, and also couples with the hard wearing materials, to give you a piece of kit that is built to last. It is easily the best quality rotating push up bar we tested. It can take up to 400 pounds of weight, which should go to show just how tough these are. With over 6.5 million units sold world wide, the Perfect Push Up Elite should more than satisfy your quest for the best push up bar.

Power Push Up- Complete Push Up Training System

We finish with a more revolutionary type of push up bar, that takes the concept and turns it into a complete workout station. It is the number one seller on and has 367 customer reviews giving it 4 ½ stars. Truly outstanding stuff.

It is more than juts a simple push up bar, it is an entire board that sits on the floor, and has various colour coded holes and plates for inserting your bars into. This allows each angle to train different muscles and offers complete and consistent separation in width. The mixture of widths and angles means you can not find a more complete workout for your upper body, with any other push up bar. You know that you can 100% rely on what you are doing and that you will not have any muscle bias to your right or left hand side. Toning and building strength in an equal fashion.

It is very well made and is really built to last, which you would expect from something that costs a little more than your usual push up bar. The security and well padded surface are worth the money alone. The bars lock in place on the matt totally, regardless of the angle and width you choose, and the foam covered handles are totally non slip and exceptionally comfortable.

The workout DVD that comes with it gives great advice on simple exercise programs you can do using your Power Push Up matt, and they really work. If you want a piece of kit that will take your push ups to the next level, and offer a complete workout, that gives top results form a simple exercise, The Power Push up is the only choice. Our highest recommendation and the best we tested.

That concludes our list of best push up bars. If you look on line you will find many push up bars, as they are easy and cheap to make for many sports companies. However the quality varies a lot, and if you want to ensure you get the very best, then stick with these three. Purchasing online is also great with this as it is a piece of equipment you do not need to be sized up for , or test beforehand. This means you can take advantage of some great discounts when shopping online.

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