Reviews Of The Best Swim Caps

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Swimming is widely regarded as one of the best types of exercise, working nearly every muscle in your body, with added water resistance. If you are looking to start off swimming chances are you will want a swim cap, or maybe not? After all, it is only for keeping your hair dry right? Wrong!

Swim caps have many reasons for use, the least of which is protecting your hair from the harmful chlorine in the water. Hygiene is also a factor, as nobody really wants lots of hairs floating in a pool and clogging up drains and filtration systems. Competitive swimmers will want to be as quick as possible, so the streamlined effects that having a cap on can offer, and are a must have for anybody who wants to be at their peak when it comes to race day. Finally, if you are swimming outdoors, or in open water for things like triathlons, then the warmth they offer could be crucial.

So Are there Different types?

Believe it or not, there are a few different types of swim cap. It seems hard to believe for such a simple product that so many different ones can be manufactured, but we will help guide you through the minefield.

First you get your bog standard latex caps, usually popular among casual swimmers and children. They can break very easily as they are thinner, but if you are just having a quick day out at the pool and won’t be swimming again for a while, they are the best option. Talk inside the hat can help prevent them sticking, and the thinner material can be a lot cooler in warm water pools. This helps a lot if people are more comfortable during a simple recreational swim or day out at the water park. Bubble caps are another type of latex cap, that offer greater room for people with longer hair. The bubbles are filled with air, which give a thicker layer than your usual latex cap, and offer better warmth in the water. Also giving you more durability than a standard latex cap. They are not the most aerodynamic though.

Next you have the very popular silicone swimming caps. They have such a high recommendation because they are thicker and very hard wearing. If you are swimming day in day out they are a great option. Also, they are very tight fitting to the head, stopping most water getting through onto your head and under the cap itself. Finally, they are manufactured to be smooth and not wrinkle on the side. Making them a very aerodynamic option for competitive swimmers.

If you want a comfortable option then look for a swim cap that is made of polyester or Lycra. Very smooth and loose fitting they will not tug at your hair or rub on the skin. Yet both these materials are porous and the looser more comfortable fit is not water tight. So your hair will get completely wet, and they are not particularly aerodynamic.

Finally, as open water swimming in things like triathlons becomes ever more popular, so does the need for the Neoprene swim caps. Their sole purpose is to keep you warm in freezing cold waters, so as to stop fatigue and keep you functioning at the right level for the run and bike that lay ahead of you. It is constructed from the same material as Scuba suits, so you know it is high
quality and hard wearing. Yet do not wear them indoors in heated pools, as the temperature can provide extreme discomfort.

So what is the best Swim Cap?

Here we have a few of the best caps we found to suit different situations and the needs of different swimmers.

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First we have The TYR Latex swim cap. A classic member of the TYR back catalogue, it comes in a vast variety of colour options so that you can pick whatever one you like. If you want a latex cap that is relatively hard wearing, good value and with plenty of colour options, this is the one for you. Greta for kids or if you want to buy a few in bulk just to use for your holidays, the TYR Latex Swim cap is the one you have been looking for.

Next if you want a superior Silicone cap then look no further than the POQswim Silicone solid swim cap. Not only is it the top rated swim cap on Amazon and has an average review of an impressive 5 stars, we loved using it. A huge selection if colour options and an unconventionally high level of comfort for a cap that fits so tight, the people at POQswim have created a fantastic swim cap. It does not wrinkle on the outside either, giving you a smooth resistance free glide through the water.

Finally, if you are a triathlon fanatic, or open water swimmer you will want a top rate Neoprene swim cap. The best swim cap we found that fits this mould is the fantastic BlueSeventy Skull cap. Made of the highest quality Neoprene, it comes in three different size options and is extremely warm when in the coldest waters. It also makes you very aerodynamic through the water, without compromising comfort. Top that all off with a one year manufacturer warranty and you can really put it through the ringer, knowing that BlueSeventy have full faith in their product. 36 users gave it an average of 4 ½ stars on Amazon, so it is an ever popular choice.

The team at First Rate Sports think this should be all you need to know when picking a swim cap, and there are plenty more to choose from on Amazon. They can offer great discounts, and real world, every day reviews from buyers. If you have any further equations please contact us, but we really think the choices we have here, give you the best mix of quality and value for all different levels of swimmer. Have fun in the water, and enjoy pursuing one of the most rewarding forms of exercise you can partake in.

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