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Bowling balls in the modern day are much more sensitive and responsive than their older counterparts. They are now made from much more porous materials and are far more likely to absorb and become enriched with the oil from the lanes. We all know that oil on the lanes is great for them, but it is not something you want your ball sucking in. The oil is often packed full with little grains of grit, dust and other debris. Therefore bowling ball maintenance is now more important than ever.

As you bowl your ball, it takes on board the oil and goes deeper and deeper into the ball. This then brings more and more dirt. You may notice a ring around your ball known as the “oil ring” just after you bowl it. This is where your ball has hit the lane and point of contact upon the lane. This is the highest point of absorption for oil into your ball also.

All this may sound quite worrying, but with the proper care and information, it need not become an issue. Bowling balls are expensive pieces of equipment, so you need to make sure you put the relatively small amount of money required to maintain them. This is when knowing the best bowling ball cleaner is absolutely crucial. First Rate Sports has got your back, and will make sure you don’t damage your ball or let it deteriorate by giving you all the information you need. Below we have a comprehensive list of what we found to be the best bowling ball cleaners, and just why we liked them so much.

So what is the best bowling ball cleaner? Monster Tack Remover

Why not start off with the number one? That is to say the number one best selling bowling ball cleaner on! Offering sensational value and results, this is certainly one we would consider for any bowler. Approved especially by the USBC it is very very versatile. By that, we mean some cleaners are designed specifically for before play, or during. Well, the Monster Tac is manufactured and approved to be allowed before, during or after play.

The fact it offers so much makes it great value, and a real good all in one option. It also comes in a great size that is not too cumbersome to carry around, but not so small you will be running out. The handy spray bottle is also a welcome addition and means you can reuse the bottle after if you ever want to try whipping up your own cleaner. A great Bowling ball cleaner and easily one of the best. 136 reviewers on giving it an average review of over 4 ½ stars can’t be wrong.

Storm Reacta Cleaner

Now if you want a cleaner that won’t strip away the feeling off your ball, as can be the case with some cleaners, then the Storm Reacta Ball cleaner is perfect for you. It is designed specifically for reactive balls, and people who love that tacky grippy feeling on your ball.

It strikes the perfect balance between cleaning your ball, and still giving you a grippy responsive surface that will grip the lanes and hook, rather than simply slide. Superb at removing belt marks and cutting through the oil ring that you find on your ball.

Other customer reviewers on Bowling ball forums and online shops were very high in their praise for this bowling ball cleaner. It performs well in terms of customer reviews on who give it an average of 4 stars from 66 reviews, and also they have a fantastic discount online right now! Superb Value!

DV-8 Damn good ball cleaner

From the well known people over at DV-8, their damn good ball cleaner is just that! Like the Storm Reacta, it is designed to keep that tac on the ball so it will hook nicely, and it really hits the spot. It gives a consistent feel straight after cleaning, all the way through until the next time you clean it.

The great thing about the DV-8 cleaner is how well it works with a see-saw bowling ball cleaner, and also, how fantastic easy it is to remove harsh belt marks. Some other cleaners cut through the dirt just fine but need a lot of elbow grease to clean them. With the DV-8 Damn good ball cleaner, it became effortless.

An 8oz bottle is more than enough to give great value for money, but you can also buy it in a large bulk amount from for a bigger discount if you want to stock up. The spray bottle is also great and easy to use. A simple thing, but one you don’t need any extra grief with when cleaning your ball.

There you have it, First Rate Sports opinion on the best bowling ball cleaners that will help keep your ball in top condition. When worrying about the oil that is absorbed deep into your ball there are various techniques you can use for extracting it, but nothing beats a good trip to the pro shop. They have the skill and expertise required to get the best results, as well as the equipment. We wouldn’t recommend doing it all the time as its pricey. It’s like servicing or tuning up your car. Do it now and again to keep it in the best shape. Now hit the lanes!

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