The Best Bowling Balls For Hook-Part One

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We are often asked loads of times from our audience, what is the best bowling ball for hook? Well, to be honest so much depends on the technique you bowl with. Getting that lovely hooking motion so you hit the pins with just the right impact at the right angle is something all the pro’s seem to make look easy, and your average league level players crave to achieve. The proper technique and action is key, but the equipment can certainly boost your chances. So here we have a list of the best bowling balls for hook, or the ones that will greatly improve your chances of hook, and maximise the strengths in your bowling action.

Hammer Absolut Curve

A ball called Absolut Curve is a great place to start. Hammer create some of the hottest looking balls on the lanes today and the black, yellow and orange colour scheme is fantastic looking, and certainly makes you stand out. Hammer say this is their most angular ball in years, all designed to impact on that sideways movement, and get the ball tracking just the way you want.

This comes in the way of the new H-150 crosscover shell, replacing your conventional coverstocks. It reacts great on oily lanes, and we found the ball hooking fantastically with it. The fact you can only get up to a 14lb weight may put a lot of bowlers off, yet we found this really helped us maximise our technique and properly put the correct action on the ball. We did worry about the impact on the pins with a ball at this weight but the fat max core technology means you would think that a full 16lb ball was hammering into the pins, such is the impressive impact that it makes.

Amazon customer reviews really back up that this ball helps your hook. So many had previously been trying the traditional straight balls, until they tried the Absolut Curve. Once they adjusted to the lines, they found they could hook this into the pins with huge consistency. The grip inside the ball, something key for developing the hook technique, is another massive strength. An online publication claims it has one of the best, and most comfortable grips they have ever tested. Nothing short of miraculous when there is so much competition in the marketplace today. A ball that will certainly hook for you, and maximise its effect.

RotoGrip Defiant Soul

Roto Grip Defiant Soul Bowling Ball, 13-Pound (Sports)

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If you are looking for midlane control and a more steady hook into the pins, then this ball is for you. The Hammer ball we reviewed before this is great for people looking for an extreme hook, from a wide position, but what about those who want to hook the ball, from a more mid lane starting point. They are also full of praise for its strong back end, and how readable it is on the lanes. The hybrid reactive coverstock gives a much more angular attack than you would expect as it hooks, and is at its very best on oily pattern lanes.

The universal thing we found with the defiant soul was how versatile it was for different types of bowler. Some could hook it back form out on the ten board, and other used the five, yet they all got great impact into the pins. You can get it weighted all the way up to the full 16lbs, so impact on the pins will never be in contention.

This ball is perfect for any bowler who has high ball speeds, and as a result struggle to get the grip on the lane or the RPM’s to make the ball hook. However we are universal in the fact that the majority of hook for the Defiant soul comes from the midlane area.

If you want to know more about the best bowling balls for hook, and also the technique behind how to hook a bowling ball, then be sure to check out part two of our review and also our upcoming sporting tips article on how to hook a bowling ball.

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