The Best Chalk For Snooker Cues

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Snooker is a game adored the world over. The premier league tournament and snooker shoot-out format has seen the usually slow paced game liven up, and more and more young players are returning to their local snooker club. Successful players from Asia such as Marco Fu and Ding Junhui has seen the game grow massively in Asia and Neil Robertson has helped the game boom is Australia. Regardless of its increases and decreases in mainstream popularity one thing can not be disputed about snooker, the skill level it takes to play it at a high level is extraordinary.

It’s not just about potting balls, it is about controlling the cue ball so you can set up your next shot, and make those huge breaks. You may be thinking your cue will be a crucial part of playing a great frame of snooker, but keeping it in good condition with the proper chalk is just as important. Properly chalking your cue can be crucial to your performance, and really help improve your game. Not to mention extend the life of your cue tip.

Can Chalk Really Be That Important?

A lot of people may be reading this wondering what is it chalk actually does? Well, we chalk our snooker cue to achieve a consistent level of friction. It is not to achieve the most friction, as other substances would do a better job, it is so we can trust the contact. It will prevent the cue form slipping on the ball, and allow pure striking to apply spin or ‘English’ to the cue ball. The spin will dictate which way you can move the cue ball and at what type of pace. This is absolutely crucial If you are looking to make big breaks, and further your game.

So What Should I look for in a good chalk?

The answer to what is the best cue chalk for snooker can be very subjective. It can be worth trying a few different tips with different chalks while practising until you find the one best for you. The coarseness, durability and consistency are all key factors, as well as how much comes off onto the cue ball upon contact. Also, it depends on how much you are looking to spend, and also how often you plan on using it. If you just want a generic chalk to put around a table at home for recreational use, or in your bar or pub, then look for the best price.

Then What Cue Chalk Is Best?

We have a few that we love to use, and have had great feedback from when talking to fellow players. Universally we found that masters cue chalk is one of the most respected and best performing chalks out there. It is more than capable of the doing the job for league players all the way up to the pro’s.

Another great chalk we love to use is predator cue chalk. It is a little finer and comes off onto the ball a little bit more, but the consistent performance it gives is fantastic. Its unique hexagonal shaped box also helps make sure the chalk is applied evenly across the entire tip.

Finally, if you want a cheap and cheerful option, just to leave in the practice room or behind the bar, then look no further. The Silver cup billiard chalk comes in a box of twelve and has a huge option of colours to liven up your snooker or pool table at home, or in the bar. Great value and great quality, that will more than do the job.

Well, that just about covers it. The best snooker cue chalk is a small detail, but it can make a crucial difference, and First Rate Sports will keep updating you if any new product or developments help in this much talked about aspect of cue sports.

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