The Best Field Hockey Sticks in Review

graysField Hockey is a game sharply on the rise. It is a major draw in any Olympic tournament, and many nations have tasted success, boosting its popularity all across the globe. If you are a keen Hockey player then it is crucial you have the best field hockey stick for your ability level and style. Other than your own skill and mindset, having the best field hockey stick is the next most important thing on the list. First Rate Sports have come up with a fantastic list of the hockey sticks we think are at the top of the market, and giving you comprehensive reviews on what puts them among the best.

When purchasing your field hockey stick, take the following into consideration. The position you play, the size of the stick, the composition of the stick, bow and the level you play at. The toe design can also be something very much worth taking into consideration.

The sticks we review here are designed for serious players, who want to either take their game to the next level, or for players who are seasoned players week in, week out. The very top players will have a very firm hard stick, giving them greater power. This can make the ball harder to control though, as there will be less give. So beginners should look to stay clear of the sticks we review on this page.

TK Trillium 4

The TK Trillium 4 composite field hockey stick is where we choose to start this list.  A stick designed for players who have been playing the game for a few years now, have developed their skills, and are serious about taking it further. This stick is perfect for those looking to make the step up from beginner, to advanced level.

The first thing to talk about is the composition of this stick. The bulk of the TK Trillium is its 70% Fibreglass, but the 20% carbon and 10%  Aramid give it a serious performance boost. It also has a liquid Polymer that seriously enhances life span of the stick, and makes cracking very unlikely during hard and fierce play. The durability is really a huge bonus with this stick.

With a matched weight of 555 grams, this stick is best used further up the pitch. It is very good for players looking for great control in tight areas, and multi directional dribbling. Also aerial passing and drag flicking are good value with this stick, and that is all thanks to the bow position. The 25 mm bow, is closer to the head. This will create a much nicer sharper angle, and also better drag,all of which are perfect for enhancing the technical aspects just mentioned.

The 20% carbon ensures this sticks packs a might punch up the pitch, which is where it is best deployed. Other online reviewers and Amazon customers say the power to weight ratio is hard to match by any other advanced stick on the market.

Grays GX 1000

The next stick on the list is another for people just short of the elite level, but is perhaps a slight step up on the TK Trillium, however the price reflects this. The stick is made by on of the most respected names in field hockey, Grays. The Grays GX 1000 delivers tremendous power, with a good lightweight feel, and durability added in to boot.

The composite is the key to delivering this great package. The 20% Kevlar and 20% carbon give the GX 1000 its fearsome punch, and the 60% fibreglass deliver a lightness that gives great freedom when swinging the stick, and looking to manoeuvre with it.

It is very firm and stiff, giving it great durability, but you will need to be at a more advanced level in terms of your technique to get the best out of it. It does not offer much forgiveness due to its lack of flex, but this is more than made up for in sheer power.

It is the perfect stick for a defensive minded player, looking to have maximum stick on stick contact, and needing to have a stick that stands up to that contact. It delivers the feel of a much lighter stick, with the knowledge and security of one that still weighs 680 grams.

STX Surgeon 300

As we move to the elite level field hockey stick, we take a look at another brand, STX. Their Surgeon 300 field hockey stick is a dream for an advanced forward hockey player. Its designed with the idea of being super lightweight, while giving maximum control.

As we head towards the elite level, the stiffness increases drastically, and the power the stick can deliver is increased as a result. The composition is 30% carbon and 5% Aramid helping to deliver a powerful whack when striking the ball, with that lightweight feel all hockey players desire coming with the 65% fibreglass.

The bow is standard and it has a slim midi toe, again making it a fantastic stick for manoeuvrability. The STX Surgeon gives you the lightweight feel to offer the balance and manoeuvrability to get in the best position, and the fantastic power to make the most of it. One of the best elite level field hockey stick available and well worth the money.

Grays GX 7000

The Grays GX 7000 field hockey stick offers up the best Grays has to offer form field hockey sticks.

This stick is designed for the top level defensive player, with a good solid weight adding to supreme durability and also stability in the hand. This is helped by the rigid feel and extremely strong composition of Aramid and fibreglass and the power of the carbon. It also has a maxi toe size, that you would expect from a defensive players stick. The grip is also fantastic and offers fantastic shock absorption when in contact, or striking the ball.

One thing that will surprise you is the touch this stick gives a defensive minded player, despite it being rigid, durable and fantastic in contact like any defensive stick much be. Its control when passing and manoeuvring the ball is very underrated, and I was extremely surprised by just how good it was in these aspects.

The Grays GX7000 in summary is a tremendous all round field hockey stick. The Grays GX7000 in summary is a tremendous all round field hockey stick. It has such a supreme balance to its manufacturing, that you can feel a benefit to all aspects of your game. Excelling in defence it is also fantastically durable, and really enhances dragging, flicking and overall control. Shooting is of course superb with a stick of this stiffness and weight. A top level powerful field hockey stick and one of the best available.

Check out this video if you have any more questions about picking your hockey stick:


These are just purely the best of the best field hockey sticks available, and the real top picks of the ones we tested. However, new sticks are released all the time, and there are many different sticks available for beginners and intermediate level, as well as the best field hockey goalie sticks. First Rate sport will bring you all the info you need to be equipped for this fantastic sport, so be sure to check our other reviews or contact us if you can not find the answer to the questions you have, within our reviews.

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