The Best Shoes For Volleyball

mizunoVolleyball may be a game that you cause all the damage in with your hands, but getting around the court to be able to deliver great offence or sturdy defence can be just as crucial as anything you do during a game with your hands. The speed you cover the court with is very important so you need comfortable secure footwear. The best volleyball trainers will have great grip and traction, combined with a comfortable fit, and sturdy feel to support your ankle and the top fo your foot. First Rate Sports offers up what we believe to be the best volleyball shoes on the market today, all extensively reviewed and tested by our expert team.

Asics Gel-Rocket 7

We start off by bringing you one of the supreme names when it comes to volleyball shoes, Asics. The Gel Rocket 7 are the next in the popular line of Gel rocket releases from Asics. A supremely lightweight feel is just one of the many positive attributes of this volleyball shoe.

The stand out feature of the gel rocket line is Asics special “court specific GEL cushioning system. This has been improved with every release and the Gel rocket 7 is the best yet. It is designed to disperse the shock more evenly upon impact with the ground, giving greater comfort and vastly improved support when running, and especially when impacting the ground after jumping to deliver a spike, or defensive block. It also means that muscle fatigue is reduced due to greater shock absorption being taken through the shoe and GEL cushion system.

The rubber grip is unique to Asics and designed to give superior traction, and it really delivers with this. You won’t find yourself sliding around the court and, really responds well to a variety of surfaces. It is so important to be able to push off firmly on the ground without risk of slipping as you try to reach maximum speed, and the Asics Gel Rocket really is supreme at this.

Offering a great wide fit for added space, it rally favours anybody needing a little extra room at the top of the foot. Top it all off with Asics Trustic system that minimises the weight in the sole, while reinforcing and stabilising the midfoot region fo the shoe. This Gives extra arch and support and greater confidence in your footing when twisting and turning at speed.

To back all this up it is the top rated and reviewed Volleyball shoe available on and also the most popular purchased volleyball shoe. 446 customers have reviewed it to date with an average of 4 ½ stars. A well deserved result for a top of the line volleyball shoe.

Mizuno Wave lightning RX3

Mizuno is without a doubt the other top name when it comes to volleyball shoes, with many international level players choosing them as the best volleyball shoe to improve their game.

Coming in at a staggeringly low 8.4 ounces, you will almost feel like you are playing barefoot. To improve the supreme focus Mizuno put on comfort and fit, Mizuno incorporate their fantastic parallel wave technology. This is designed to evenly disperse the shock throughout the shoe while moving, giving superb comfort when jumping and upon impact. Something that makes these some of the best volleyball shoes around on the market.

The dynamotion groove that is cut out of the outsole gives this shoe greater flexibility, and less stress on the upper and middle part of your foot when running or pushing off from the ground. Simply put this is one of the most comfortable fitting volleyball shoes available on the market, and offers supreme comfort and flexibility. An improved outsole tops it all off with fantastic grip on hard surfaces. One of the best volleyball shoes you can buy, backed up by being in the top ten best selling list, and having over 200 positive customer reviews.

Adidas Essence 12

The Adidas Essence 12 men’s volleyball shoes are the next stop on our list and of course, offers you a product from one of the biggest names in sports equipment manufacturing.

Adidas have delivered firstly superb grip that is hard to be rivalled by any other court shoe, with the essence 12. The Gum rubber outer sole is exceptional on hard surfaces, even if they are slightly on the greasy side, and will keep sliding to a minimum.

These shoes will fit perfectly for anybody who requires a narrow to medium width fit from their Volleyball shoe. Snug and close fitting across the top of your foot, one thing the Essence 12 does excel at is locking the foot in place, and making you feel supremely secure. The lining of the Essence 12 is soft enough to ensure this close fit does not cause irritation and is probably the best shoe on this list for minimal movement around your foot during play.

The second best selling volleyball shoe on, the mix of quality manufacturing, durability over time, and value for money make them a top of the line choice.

Mizuno Wave Tornado X mid

Another Mizuno product to make our list of the best Volleyball shoes is the Mizuno Wave Tornado X mid. You can get the Wave tornado X in a normal shape shoe, but we found the high top look of the mid to be simply fantastic, and also offer enhanced performance on the court as a result of its shape. The mid shape fits tighter around the ankle, and offers lots of added support, while not compromising on comfort due to the fantastically soft lining in these volleyball shoes. We really appreciated that extra strength and security around the usually tender ankle region, especially when landing hard from jumping, and twisting sharply on the court.

It incorporates many of the fantastic tech that made the wave lightning we discussed earlier so great and high performing. The Wave Tornado X has the next generation of Mizuno Wave tech, offering the perfect balance between stability and comfort. SO much pressure is placed throughout the foot during play, that Mizuno needed a cushioning system that helps absorb the shock, yet doesn’t effect jumping and explosive speed. The latest Mizuno wave tech balances this perfectly, giving an even higher level of performance than in the Wave Lightning Rx3.

It still has the dynamotion groove for super flexibility on the outside, allowing the shoe to react with your natural movements, even at top speed. The real difference comes though in the form of the new dynamotion fit technology.

This is what makes these high-level Volleyball shoes so durable, and consistent over time. The natural wear and tear and distortion a foot can out on a shoe, especially one as flexible as this, is negated thanks the dynamotion fit. We tested these rigorously over a course of months, as have many other online reviewers. They were unanimously found to be among the most durable Volleyball shoes on the market today.

Finish this all off with an improved grade of rubber on the sole for supreme traction, and the fact it is non marking, so won’t damage the court and you have the complete package. Our favourite Shoe on this list, and one that can be found on players at the very top level. An elite Volleyball shoe.

Asics Gel Netburner Ballistic MT.

We give the final word on our list to another release from top boys Asics. The Netburner Ballistic Mt is possibly the most aesthetically pleasing volleyball shoe on this list, offering a variety of diverse colour schemes, all balanced perfectly to create a great on court look. It doesn’t just stop with looking good though.

The GEL system that is present through the forefoot and the heel gives unrivalled impact cushioning while still remaining extremely lightweight. This is the goal of Asics Gel system, and it hits the mark completely without any negatives to be found. This is down to the unique tussic system that helps reduce the overall weight of the sole, in the exact same way the Gel-Rocket 7 does.

Perfect for a mid width foot, if you have a wider foot it is best to go half a size up, something that is backed up by many online customers and product reviewers, You should find that this offers the little bit of room you need, without creating looseness around the ankle or toe box. The toe box is very roomy and offers lots of space so you don’t feel cramped up. It is hard to create a balance in terms of fit between comfort, and yet not feeling loose, but the Netburner Ballistic nails it spectacularly.
The slightly higher top on the Afterburner Ballistic, locks your ankle in place in a very similar way to Mizuno Tornado X we just discussed, so the fit provided alone should help you feel very secure and comfortable during play.

The outer and upper are made of several synthetic layers, making the outside a bit stiffer than some of the other shoes on this list. It’s perfect for players who like to have a solid platform to push off from, especially if jumping lots, or sprinting with very heavy footwork. More for the explosive player rather than the agile intricate one. This stiffness does make these top level volleyball shoes extremely durable, and well worth playing the little bit extra for to get a product of this level.

The balance of padded comfort inside, hard wearing firm mesh layers on the outside, with the GEL cushioning in the sole make this a fantastic top level volleyball shoe. It is extremely hard to choose between this and the Tornado X, and either would be a superb acquisition by any serious volleyball player.


New shoes are released all the time, rivalling the ones on this list to be considered the best volleyball shoe. Keep checking on First Rate sports for an individual product review, new lists and more info on the latest releases, to keep you right up to date. If you have any products you need help with or want to be reviewed, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and help on the sporting equipment you need the impartial facts on.

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