The Best Softball Cleats In Review

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Having the best softball cleats. Is it really necessary to have them, do they really make that much difference. The simple answer is yes. If you ever tried to play little league, or some recreational softball when in normal trainers or running shoes, you will have soon realised you do not get the same response. Tearing round the bases will require the maximum grip on the pitch, especially when cornering at high speed. When looking to get the best from your softball cleats the grip they offer is the most crucial thing. This can be dependant on the spikes they use, and there are many different types on the market. Even the players on defence will benefit massively from having the proper cleats for their individual needs, and really see their improvement in game situations. First Rate Sports have a list of what we think are the best softball cleats available right now. First Rate Sports have a list of what we think are the best softball cleats available right now.

New Balance L3000V2 Low

We start off with the number one selling softball cleat on With a huge 5 out of 5 stars from 43 reviews, these are a pair of cleats that have really been well received, and that everyday users love and get on well with. The first thing to say is that the versatility the New Balance L3000V2 gives you is a huge plus. You can have a variety of colours and sizes so everybody is catered for. The top result ion is the metal studs, yet the number 2 is the plastic stud option. Showing these cleats are about so much more than just the stud selection, and once again, offering versatility should you need a different type of stud for your leagues rules.

New Balances Fantom-fit upper construction means these cleats sit very close to the foot, giving you a great responsive feeling. The REVlite mid sole also aids the flex of these cleats that take very little breaking in. You can push off from the plate with confidence when trying to make your ground and they are among some of the most natural feeling and responsive cleats on the market. In terms of Secure feeling the Reinforced toe box really means that you feel safe, and when your foot naturally flexes when running, or driving off into a quick sprint, your foot is well looked after and the support is given in all the right areas.

They are a low top option that favours players looking for the maximum speed and agility, especially when taking the tight corners when running between bases. Both the metal and plastic studs offer a high level of grip on the diamond and you will not feel yourself losing your footing, regardless of your choice. As with any stud though the metal ones tend to offer a bit more, but this is dependent as always, on league rules were you play.

A comfortable, easy fitting and high performing softball cleat, you get all the responsive feeling you would desire, along with the security and life like feel you will need while playing. A great balance of technology and common sense manufacturing, combined with high quality long last materials, make the New Balance L3000V2 low a top recommendation from First Rate sports.

Under Armour Lead Off Baseball Cleats

A huge brand in softball and baseball equipment is Under Armour. Their Batting gloves are a fantastic product we endorse here at

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First Rate Sports, and now they have a softball cleat to match them. If You need a higher top boot to provide security for an injury prone, or weaker ankle, these are the only choice to make. So strong and durable, no other cleat can come close in terms of build quality and durability, thanks to their engineered leather.

You may think something so hard wearing will be tough, hard to break in and potentially irritating during play, but nothing could be further from the truth. The upper and mesh tongue offer a glove like fit, and supreme comfort, that takes minimal breaking in. No Softball cleat can match them in terms of breathability, so your feet will be cool and fresh in the most humid and tough of game conditions. The reinforced mid sole is when it starts to get really good. Offering great resistance when planting your foot on the ground and dispersing the weight evenly so as not to deliver too much stress and pressure to one area of the foot when it flexes. The rubber moulded studs are very grippy, and you do not feel them digging into the foot through the sole, even on the hardest of impact.

Under Armour has delivered a softball cleat that may not be as responsive or life like as the New Balance option above, but can not be rivalled in terms of secure feeling and foot stability. Your feet will seem locked in place, yet not cramped into an overly tight area. If you have injury prone feet and ankles or are concerned about the wear and tear on your bones and ligaments, they are the best choice softball cleat for you. A supremely well made product that will more than outlast most other softball cleats on the market today. If you do require a more agile responsive feel, without sacrificing the stability in the mid foot and sole area, these also come in a low top option.

Nike Air Trout 2

The first thing to say about these softball cleats is that I have never seen a better looking pair of
cleats ever. So slick looking, these are by far the ones to get if looks matter to you. Do they have substance to back up the style though. Well, Nike have enhanced their previous Air Trout with a high quality cleat.

The high tops are very stable and secure, offering great ankle support, but the lining is so soft, you won’t feel like you are wearing a heavy duty cleat that is locking your foot in place, but believe me, you are. The flywire technology through the mid foot and arch wraps the foot very closely to the cleat, giving you a very natural feeling on the ground, and a responsive feeling when sprinting hard for the bases, or covering ground in the outfield. It also once again gives great support to your foot and minimises the stress that softball can place on you joints and tendons. It Does not effect your foot so much when impacting the ground from high jumps, but it certainly does during sprints and sharp turns.

Speaking of sharp turns the TPU plate and 9 cleat configuration delivers a world class level of grip. Especially when cornering. We can not recall slipping once during the testing of these cleats.

In terms of fit and comfort, the synthetic leather and Nike skin upper is a lovely soft feeling on the foot This is crucial considering how tightly your foot rests against the upper, but Nike pulled that off fantastically. A professional level cleat, that gives professional level results, the Nike Air trout 2 mixes the strengths of the previous two cleats into one piece of footwear.

If you are looking for a softball cleat, hopefully this article has helped. The best way I can think to describe your options here is to look at what you need. The New Balance gives 95% in terms of natural feel, comfort and freedom of movement on the pitch. It delivers about 75% in terms of durability and secure feeling for your foot. The Under Armour option pretty much reverses those percentages, were as the Nike Air Trout 2 splits the difference delivering 80% on both fronts. Focus on what your individual need are, and know that you can purchase any of these softball cleats with the supreme confidence that you are getting the very best the market has to offer.

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