The Best Triathlon Goggles In Review

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As general fitness and Gym going started to boom as a craze and hobbie in a way it never had before, so did the quest for sports that tested every aspect of physical fitness. This brought many people to the world of triathlons. You can find local competitions the world over. Taking place from anywhere to sleepy countryside towns in the U.K, to the giant cityscapes in America and Japan. The running and cycling aspects of a triathlon take a high level of kit, with only the best quality providing you with the best performance. However today, First Rate Sports have chosen to focus on the wetter part of the triathlon. Open water swimming, and more specifically, the best goggles for triathlons.

So what do I need from the best triathlon goggles?

Triathlon swimming will take place in open water, at usually very cold temperatures, and in murky waters that make visibility difficult. So you need goggles that will not fog up in the chilly conditions, and that will help brighten up the muddy and dark open water and also reduce any glare from the sunlight reflecting off the water. How well made, and resistant they are will also be key, as will the comfortable fit that they give you.

 What are the best Triathlon goggles?

Once again First Rate Sports has delivered. We have extensively tested and reviewed a selection of what we believe to be the best triathlon goggles on the market today. Not only have we tested them ourselves, we have researched second opinions from real world, every day triathlon enthusiasts to see how they stack up after week upon week of competition.

Blue Seventy Hydra-Vision Goggles

blueseventy Hydra Vision Frame Polarized Goggles (Misc.)

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We start off this list with one of our favourite and most trusted brands when it comes to open water swimming, Blue Seventy. If you look at our article on Best Swim Caps, we put their open water cap at the top of our list, and their Hydra-Vision goggles follow on from that.

The first thing we noticed about these triathlon goggles was the new polarising lenses. This was top notch at cutting out the sun’s glare in the water and really helped us on those bright chilly mornings when a lot of triathlons start. However, the lenses did have a negative effect on water that was quite murky. The lenses made it no easier to see through the dirt, yet it did not harm it too much either.

It keeps water off your eyes completely, and they fit very tightly and if anything on slightly on the over tight side. Yet it is better to be safe than sorry. The internal adjustments to the straps helped us get the perfect fit, and the material it was made of was exceptionally comfy. Finally, the quality and wear over time has been highly praised by online reviewers, and we found them to be extremely well made. They have an average review of 5 stars on, and they get the thumbs up from us to.

Orca 226 Goggle

If you don’t want to go for something quite as expensive as the Blue Seventy, or have a habit of leaving your goggles at the event, then the Orca 226 offer a supreme balance of quality and value. Yet they are much more than cheap and cheerful one use open water goggles.

The extra wide lenses offered us a supreme view of everything that was going on around us and let us pick up opponents coming up on our shoulders from either side, long before they were right on top of us. These lenses also have a blue colour to them, completely different to what we got from the Blue Seventy model. The glare was cut to a minimum and it really helped penetrate any mud and muck that might make your swim a little bit cloudy.

The straps can be a bit fiddly to adjust, and it took us a bit of tweaking to allow them to be completely water safe. This is something other online review magazines have also commented on, yet once we got them right, they were totally fine and very secure.

The straps may not be quite as comfy, and the materials may not be of the same quality we got from the Blue Seventy, but the performance matched it. In terms of all round vision, we struggled to find a better set of triathlon goggles on the market. Perfect for Beginners or anybody who likes to have a bulk amount of kit on hand. Superb value.

Maru Groove Polarized Mirror Anti Fog

We finish our list with what we consider are the best all round triathlon goggles on the market today, the Maru Groove Polarized goggles. Straight out the box, they look fantastic. Not a crucial aspect but it never hurts to look top notch come race day. The Bold yellow colours and mirrored frames got us into these instantly.

When we looked at these we worried about how rigid the lenses were, thinking it was impossible for something so hard wearing to also be comfy. We need not have worried. They fit fantastically and the nose piece section is extremely flexible offering a universal “perfect fit” From everyone who tested it for us. The soft straps had easily adjustable clips, and they offered absolutely no leakage at all. The rubber was also the most comfortable we have felt against our face.

Now we get to the real selling point of these goggles, the polarised lenses. Sat a little bit deeper than other open water goggles, combined with a great curved shape, means that no goggle sees better in rough waters. Perfect when you have 30 other keen and furiously competitive Triathlon enthusiasts flailing and legs, splashing water everywhere.

These polarised lenses were also the best when testing on days with changing weather. After all, that is something that is very useful, having one goggle that can fit all conditions. Cutting out glare, once the light dimmed we found that the Maru Groove Polarized goggles kept it from getting too dark. Something. that can easily happen with other open water goggles.

Thick and tough wearing, strongly constructed as well as comfortable and having the highest level of performance, these get our highest recommendation. The mix of supreme performance with amazing value (They are cheaper than the Blue Seventy goggles) is what made this an easy choice. No other goggle on the market can come close to these and we can not recommend them highly enough.

That concludes our list of what we found to be the best triathlon goggles. Open water swimming can be a tough task at the best of times, but an enjoyable pursuit nonetheless. The right kit for the job is so crucial and First Rate Sports have made sure we steer you in the direction. Now get out there and keep feeding back any ways we can improve our reviews, or if your experiences with our recommended goggles differ in any way. Happy swimming!

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