Weighing It All Up- The Best Fishing Scales

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/kissheartoffl/
image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/kissheartoffl/

So many anglers, angling blogs and magazines are full of huge reviews and ads for the best fishing rods, the best bait, the best casting techniques, yet they overlook a hugely crucial area of getting out on the water. Fishing scales! After all, we all compete and get put there to cast the biggest fish we can, and improve our techniques. All this is useless however if we can not find out just how big the catch is. With this in mind, First Rate Sports have made sure we bring you an impartial list of the very best fishing sales on the market right now.

Many people like to jump between the analogue models, and those with digital read-outs, arguing over which is best. We find that both can have their merits. A well made fishing scale, that delivers what you need, is the accurate and hard wearing, is always the best fishing scale regardless of the type. Whereas a poorly made, inaccurate fishing scales are not good to anybody, and have no right to be considered among the best fishing scales. The products we listed below are the ones we found to be top of the range during our stringent testing.

Weston Spring and Hook Scale

This simple analogue spring and bar meter scale is without doubt, one of the finest we tested. Proving that you don’t need digital scales to be accurate. The thing that first stands out about this scale, is that it is extremely sturdy looking, and the hard wearing nature of it backs this up. When you’re out by the lake, with all sorts of muddy water and heavy kit banging around, you need something hat can take a battering. The Weston scale does just that with its anodised aluminium body prevents any rusting, and it’s non-slip handle is extremely practical for all those wet days spent toiling away.

The stainless steel hook is not just another durable aspect to this scale, it also provides sensational accuracy, as does the easy to read spring gauge. Also, you will never have any need for batteries, like you would with digital scales. Finally, the versatility offered from this range is fantastic, as you can get scales that go up to 20 lbs max, all the way to 150 lbs max. SO you have all your bases covered, easily the best analogue fishing scale we tested.

Ultimate 54 Digital Hanging Hook

The next fishing scale on this list is a digital option in the form of the ultimate 54 hanging hook. It may not be made from the hard and tough materials the Weston model is, yet it more than compensates. It is lightweight, easily stored and comes with a handy luggage strap so it adds minimal extra weight to your considerable angling kit. Its accuracy is supreme, and it has a vibration resistant construction to ensure its calibration stays spot on, and it’s not damaged during the rigours of fishing.

It also has an indicator to let you know when it is being overloaded, and a fantastic 2-year warranty, which should dispel any myths about digital scales being sensitive and prone to breaking. Manufacturers seldom offer these warranties of they know their product can’t back them up. Its digital makeup can convert to many measurements of weight, and also has a feature to remove a tare weight. It’s so simple and easy to use with its auto off, auto-zeroing and many more settings, it’s a high quality tech advancement for the fishing game.

Madbite Professional Fish Holder

Finally, we bring you the last name on our list, the sensational Madbite Digital fish holder. The Madbite range offers other cheaper options that come simply to grab the fish, and another that adds the tape measure, but the one we are reviewing has all that, plus a fantastic LCD digital scale.

It allows you to safely land, pick up and weight or measure large and sometimes dangerous fish. If you have any fish with large teeth that worries you, this is perfect for you. It has the hook for safely grabbing fish, and a worst strap to secure it in place. Add on the fantastic rubber grip handle and it offers comfort and security when you need it most.

The scales are supremely accurate to the exact amount using their digital power, and can be used to have either Kilos or pounds. The stainless steel shaft makes it up to most tasks and it is surprisingly durable, even it does not have the same sturdy feel as the other two options on the list. It is the best fishing scale on this list as an overall package, as it marries the strengths of the other two while adding some fantastic innovations, and extra bits the others do not have.

To summarise, any scale on this list will be a great option for you. If you need some fish scales that will take a battering then the Weston analogue scales are supreme, and can hack the biggest fish being weighed on them. If you want something staggeringly accurate, that is easy to transport, then the Ultimate 54 are the ones for you. If you need a scale that’s accurate, and adds a lot of safe aspects to fishing as well as a tape measure, and a fantastic grip, even if it’s not as heavy duty, then add the Madbite to your tackle box.

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